Thursday, 13 December 2012

Being disabled for me and work.

Many years ago while the Labour party were in power, I was contacted by the office of the Labour party, a young man had said he saw me on TV and thought well maybe it would be time for me to say less and look for work. He suggested I'd be willing to help the party by doing a survey, and then looked for work and say less. I was now ready to end my time with this political group it was obvious even to a flying Duck labour was going to wards the center right, and it was slowly becoming more conservative and less socialist. I then did a TV show about Remploy followed by another about work and the idea that anyone could work, the BBC who works with which ever government is in power then decided to make a program about scroungers, they arrived at my home with an American Kick boxing pratt, who like most in America thinks the disabled would be better in camps with lots of gas rooms, took me ten minutes to Google him and what we found was not nice at all, his group that he worked for and Labour was willing to sell themselves actually subscribed to allowing prisoners who were serving life to be given injections to end their lives, they also thought that allowing prisoners to take drugs to try them out. It was interesting and when he came to this country he brought his feeling with him and his ideas and you could see the BBC presenters nodding in agreement. I was then told that they were not really looking at me and I was to be the disabled one, they were going to Merthyr to see the lazy workshy worthless, which on it's own is interesting. When shown on TV this America stalwart of Labour idea on disabled decided that I was disabled seriously disabled and I was honest, so out he goes to find me work, first it was a local cafe, three steps to get in and the young lady stated she was willing to pay for the right person £10 a day, he came back and said I've found you work the presenter said it was easy, I then said I'm disabled not stupid, the going rate at this time was £3.20 an hour under the min wage, yes came the reply but does that mean disabled people as well, yes of course it does. The reply came back you British do not know how to treat people you should be forced, well yes forced up steps and forced to work in an area to small for a wheelchair, the cafe closed down that night. Then a local cake factory said oh yes we will always employ the disabled, back they came again and said see look at this, they showed me, so I phoned up the local factory yes what can we do, well I'm looking for work, good we are employing OK good, does having a wheelchair matter, the phone went dead, they had put the phone down, so I phoned up again to be put through to the management, no at this time we are not employing anyone, thank you phone back next year. Did the BBC put any of this on the TV no of course not they were on the way to Merthyr to have a got at them. This chap came from America had to have been paid at least £100,000, he then has a car driven for him and would have had a five star hotel and expenses, £100,000 would have paid the wages of five disabled people, the car alone was £6,000 plus driver so £10,000 another two people for a year, his expenses would have been for the week at least £6,000 plus another employee, so in all seeing this pratt the BBC could have employed maybe eight disabled people for a year. How many people with a disability do the BBC employ, well it secret, but they do accept it's not as many as they could, in fact is 1% of the total. The government which employs a million people throughout the country only reach 1.8% of disabled people and I had this quote, working within the government can be hard work and would not suit all people with disabilities, yes most employers say the same.

Monday, 26 November 2012


Today some hold a view that the past's "deserving poor" have been replaced by families living in council houses equipped with flat-screen TVs, games consoles and regular holidays. It great to see the BBC used a picture of a scrounger from Coronation street. Of course the BBC would love us to think it pay no homage to the Labour or Tory parties, but each time Labour did a green paper on welfare, the BBC brought out a program about scroungers. so who were the people that demonized the sick the poor and the sick, well of course Tony Blair David Cameron Brown and Miliband with the great help of the media and the BBC wihich was at the forefront. Even now we have on TV saints and scroungers or is that sinners. What a bloody nerve

OK medical

Had my letter saying had to go miles to my medical (ESA WCA), so phoned up to say I would rather have a home visit the question was why, in a wheelchair, OK we will contact you within three weeks to let you know, we have now cancelled your medical which is in three weeks. Three days later I get a letter saying the doctor will contact you for your home visit. They said get any medical evidence which would help the person who will see you, so asked my GP who said he charges £500, asked my consultant who said that you have so much wrong with you, that it would be around £1500. So I will allow the DWP or ATOS to contact them top get the evidence, I do not think it will take to much for the person who comes to see me whether I'm faking it, of course whether that's enough is another question. We are hearing that ATOS has changed it's view on mental health issues, so then again I will have to ensure I cut my wrists when they arrive, may as well. Am I worried about this visit well I could do without it, but I do think we should have medicals the problem is we use to, it was Labour that stopped the medicals in the first place, then moaned that people were getting benefits without medicals, this was done on what is called paper evidence cheaper was the reason for this, like always you save a pound and then spend millions putting it right in the first place. lets see how this goes, it should be done and dusted before Christmas, mind you I retire in eighteen months.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hospital and out

This week I get told I've a serious health condition, my diabetes was not found at my last visit to my GP even though I said I was struggling, thirsty all the time and feeling seriously unwell, mind you these days we only have twelve minutes with your GP. They said to me your diabetic, I said well ok what do I need to do, take these drugs, and have a look on line, so I did, sadly I went to the USA diabetic site. Went back two days ago to state I was doing this and that, they said hold on that not right, so I asked what should I be doing well lose weight, yes but what should I eat and how to do I cope, time is up. Last week hospital when I started to feel ill, sick and cannot stop drinking to be told when did you get told about being diabetic and I said three months ago, we told your GP eighteen months ago. I asked why the hell did you not tell me. Mistakes were made and now we have to sort out your life, has anyone told you anything, nope. have they given you advice, nope. Are you on medication nope. And now we hear 24,000 people are dying a year from this illness, well one way of saving money.,

Monday, 22 October 2012

Politics what's it for.

They asked me to attend a nice cup of coffee evening to discuss why I've left or anything else I maybe annoyed at, they said a number of people would be in attendance and we would have five minutes each. So I wrote a letter saying well I'm disabled, I'm d going through Labour new medical assessment, do I really need to say more, the reply was interesting and I think put my view of labour into clear view. We hope that you will be voting for the Police commissioner. This lady in my area has been around the labour party for a long time, she has applied for every position within labour including MP, to councilor and now this one. I can in all honesty say this week after listening to the Labour party in Scotland proudly back up the Tories by saying we will cut, no free prescriptions, no free bus pass, no no no free free free. Today in Wales the Tories stated if we win in Wales we will stop free prescription, free bus pass, we will end these benefits for those who can afford it, they stated why should a person get 39p prescription for paracetamol, when people with cancer cannot get treatment. What are they saying people should not claim 39p, I do not know any doctor who would give a prescription for 39p my own doctor says you can buy your own cheap drugs. The real question is where is labour going, Miliband wants us to tell him about what we want, why does he not really know, then again maybe he does not. But the fact is for me the SNP has more socialism in it's blood then this so called labour party.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Energey power gas and electric

I find it amusing listening to Caroline Flint, who has now found her socialism well according to some. I still remember her when she was Tony Blair girl, a new labour lap dog. Forget about being sick disabled or poor, if you did not have a job you dam well should not have a council house. Now she has totally forgotten labour was in power for thirteen years, and groups had asked and in some area demanded labour do more to cut fuel costs, what did Labour do nothing. Now of course New labour is dead, born again Flint is the pin up girl of a Newer Labour party who have the nerve to tell the Tories to do something. Laugh I'd dam well cry but I cannot afford it. But somebody had better start looking at power and power within the UK, Wales wants to build wind turbines all over the place yet the vast majority of wind turbines by me stand idle, it's either no wind or to much wind, and now they are wearing out to fast.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tory V Labour.

Job are coming OK they are part time, youth unemployment has dropped not enough I will grant you, but it's the mainstay of Labours battle ground. If the private sector is employing be it part time then Labour arguments are now getting to look frail, today in PMQ's Labour did not look so great did they, Cameron for the first time in a while could counter Labour by saying well mate it's dropping. The question is of course will it last, another problem for the Tories of course is inward immigration from the EU, if we start to pull out of the unemployment trap, will we see large scale migration immigration from Spain, even France. I notice the interview this morning from the BBC, the lady who was speaking to a professor about the unemployment figures stated it's good that unemployment is dropping and it good news it's from the private sector, the professor stated yes but it's good also the public sector is also looking to employ, yes came the reply but it's the private sector that matters, he replied both sectors are important, in Oxford because of the teaching the Universities and the hospitals, she had one more snide remark about private sector being more important. I bet not for a minute this women thought to her self hang on I work for the public sector. It's still to little and it's coming very late, but I hope this small green shoots carry on because boy do we need employment to pick up, sadly I think it has sod all to do with politician of any side.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Boring Miliband with dead head Ball's

So labour has come out telling us we need to get back to the great war years, tighten your belts people. Lets not forget Hitler, for which most young will be looking on you Tube. Tighten your belt lets get the spirit of the wars years, my grandson which war? Iraq or Afghanistan, the problem is how many people remember the second world war. But to even suggest in 2012 we go back to the war years show how pathetic Labour has become, Miliband a millionaire from his father estate, who earns something along the lines of £145,000 and MP's who are getting £86,000 tells those on £12,000 to get into the spirit of the wars years is not only a joke it down right pathetic. Now we have this joke battle between Unite and Labour basically two days before conference, this of course is set up to show Miliband is able to fight off their pay masters, yet if Unite and the GMB actually wanted to put pressure on the Labour party all they have to do is tell labour we are going to have a vote on leaving the Labour party job club, and boy you'd see a difference. Balls we will start the housing again with 100,000 building program, yes in London 100,000 houses big deal they of course will be to buy not to rent. What is the difference between labour and the Tories, where is Labour going, looks like to me New Labour not dead it just has another wally as leader.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Labour left

Labour Left MPs and Councillors John McDonnell MP Jeremy Corbyn MP Frank Cook MP Mike Wood MP David Drew MP Michael Clapham MP Neil Gerrard MP Kelvin Hopkins MP Alan Simpson MP Harry Barnes (retired Socialist Campaign Group MP) Gordon Prentice MP Jim Cousins MP (unofficial) Lynne Jones MP Ann Cryer MP Diane Abbott MP Nia Griffith MP Cllr. Susan Press This we are told are the people to the left within Labour, missing are of course most of the Labour front bench and the a lot of the labour party. Not sure the left have much to say in what is slowly turning into a middle of the road right leaning labour party. But hell who cares.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Went home

The wife father died last year, so we took a trip up the valleys to see her home, we stopped on top of the Rhigos to look down to where her father worked for years in number three pit. Well it's now green and you could say How green is my valley. Unlike a few years ago

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I have been called for my medical the dreaded WCA, actually I'm looking forward to it, my wit against the wit of the person ticking the boxes. Are you disabled yes, what is your disability Paraplegia from the L5, causing loss of bowel and bladder function, I also have serious damage done after catching MRSA, on three separate occasions. Yes but are you really disabled. So will I win this battle after seeing some of the people who have been rejected including my sister in law who has two types of cancer simply put I have no chance. But I will bet I do, it will of course be through the appeals procedures. Look at it I have a serious spinal injury, had three of my discs removed as they were completely wrecked one of them caught my nerves controlling my bladder and bowel. I then caught MRSA, which saw my spine become infected so badly they had to cut my legs from the hip to the knee to drain out the puss only for my legs to be infected they used maggots to clean that up. This week I was informed I'm diabetic and it has caused problems with my eyes, it's adding to the pian in my legs which is now reaching chronic levels again. But I'm a scrounger work shy.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Working class MP's

Miliband came out saying we need more working class MP's and I though hello sounds a bit of socialism. But then labour stated these MPs would be business people people who ran small firms, so that is OK then, labour still conservative with a not so small C. Durham miners Gala, Mr Miliband speaks about clean coal, and opening up coal mines, well one way of getting Polish miners to work here. I cannot say I would enjoy going down a mine again and not for £190 a week min wages, but can somebody tell me what the hell clean coal is, do not tell me it's coal with carbon capture. sad to say every time I hear labour speak I'm confused Labour has now said it's going to change the rhetoric about public services, it's all wrong, labour has to tell people benefits are not wrong, excuse me who the hell put out that, most people on benefits were scroungers or work shy. New Labour or Newer labour.

Sunday, 15 July 2012


sacking and rehiring off NHS at lower wages longer hours and none overtime payments where chief executives have acknowledged they would need to act "in unison", the paper reports. The report says 60,000 nurses and doctors need to end being paid for working over time, they need to be paid less, so the NHS can live carry on. But notice something not a single bloody executives talk about their wages their bonus payment, it's always the workers it's never the bloke earning the £250,000 with 40,000 Bonus for putting the NHS hospital into debt. managers in my local hospital on average get paid about £156,000 to £180,000 with an average bonus ( £30,000 to £50,000) payment for a 35 hour week with a golden pension of £70,000. Asked why these people were not being sacked came a reply they have redundancy packages . I'm waiting for Miliband to say something worthy, but I expect he will need to check with Blair first or one of his spin doctors nothing spontaneous from Mr Miliband, he might lose a middle class voter.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Anyone got a job

I have been saying for ages the so called Labour and Tory angels who help the sick and the disabled back to work have been little more then cheating the system, now proved. A4E is a shocking company and then we have Remploy, the Shaw Trust all so called charities but this is not the best name for them. I have been looking for work now for five years, my job center told me they would be sending me to see Remploy at first, they said to me they have never failed, do I go to be asked do you really need a wheelchair, do you really need crutches can you just give them up while your looking for work, once I explained to them and that I needed the wheelchair and the crutches they lost interest and said they would find it difficult to get me employed. I was then sent to the Shaw Trust who again said the same thing, dump the wheelchair and we will find you a job, once I showed them my legs they said it would be hard to find you work, the one thing I noticed wi3th both offices they were empty, the people working in them were all very young all under twenty five and my special adviser, still had dam nappy rash. She once said to me lots of disabled people are cry babies when it comes to illness, but I had lost interest, now we have all this silly fraud.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I've been tired run down, and to be honest not that bothered about anything, so off to my doctors, he says OK look your getting on, I said rubbish mate I'm sixty not hundred, so in the end he says we will give you a blood test. It's just come back I'm diabetic, also my bloody counts low, my blood pressure is either to low or to high, so get on the bed, to be told your heart is all over the place. I will phone up to see if the consultant will see you today or this week, sixteen weeks, so they said can you pay (again), I said how much £175 OK, go on then, right I'll phone, I get told go down now he'll see you this afternoon, so sixteen weeks under the NHS, or now if you pay, you go to an NHS hospital, your met by an NHS nurse, and the doctor is working on NHS patients. I arrive I'm offered tea and biscuits or coffee, all the other patients are sitting looking and I can see them thinking bet he's private. I get told you can go in sir, and this old gent says hold on Ive been waiting an hour I was here before him, and the nurse says sorry love but he's private, she did not say it in a nice way either. I go in they listen to my heart checks my medical record and says you have heart murmur and it looks like you have a heredity heart problem, which is news to me. he says I will put you onto the waiting list now to be seen at clinic you will I suspect need to have an anigiogram . Not bad i suppose for £175 but it does make you wonder why I could not have been seen on the NHS

Friday, 20 April 2012


I cannot be bothered to go through all this again, but it harder to find a difference these days between the three parties at the top, Liberals are now back to the Whigs, Tories are the Tories, and labour is trying to get in-between the lot. The one thing we do not have is a socialist workers party any more, working class is now hard working people, and the middle class are the new socialist according to Miliband. I fought like hell to keep our Remploy factories open, in the end Labour phoned me up to say it would be best if I left the party, which I did. But in the end what chance of these people now working in Remploy have of finding work, it depends on your disability I will speak in all honesty now, if you have a degree, have a limp or your toe nails is broken you may well find a job, if you have a funny face, you have a problem talking you have disability, then sadly no chance at all, so what does this mean, well it means every one of these people being laid off, yet being told they are able to work, so they will sign on to JSA, but of course to get JSA you cannot have a disability. It's sad but this is the new labour new socialism the new Tory-ism. Not a single worker for the two factories that closed by me eight years ago have found a job, even with the three million Labour gave to the council, what did the council do with it , obviously they did not use it to help the disabled people. We are back in the Victorian period in which we will see disabled people begging

Sunday, 15 April 2012


So Galloway shows labour how to do politics, labour blames everyone and everything except they are out of touch, We hear people say Tom Watson organised nothing and walked away, I suspect labour were so sure of winning they did not see this happening.

Then you have the argument that Galloway is now a Muslim, but he,s a Catholic but had strong feeling against the war, out comes the critic he went to to Saddam he was mates with a dictator, unlike Blair then.

In the end I suspect Galloway spoke about the wars, about how people in Bradford got nothing from a labour party which does seem out of touch with people worries.

Looking at labour Wales and labour England and labour Scotland and you see labour is struggling, in Wales it has a minority Government, in Scotland it's been wiped out I suspect mainly because it was seen as new labour when it wanted old labour, and you have the English a mini Thatcherite party which offered tip bits.

I do not know the out come of the Council elections because I would vote labour since my independant


This year and last has been a nightmare, my Cousin 40 dies in her sleep, she had high blood pressure and she was over weight, goes to bed fails to wake up, my Uncle who was seventy eight tells me a year ago he has cancer, tells me does not bother telling his family, does not go to the doctor, but he was right he had cancer, dies going to the toilet. This week the youngest of my mothers sisters who has been fighting cancer for years, she has so much pain and is struggling to cope said she did not feel well, and passed away, she died thankfully in her sleep, it has knocked the stuffing out of me, but all of my family except myself smoked heavy, well they were all born and lived through the war years and smoking was seen as being social, so many have died way to early but all had so much life taken away with years of pain, then I go out and my neighbour is sitting out side the house, child on her lap chain smoking, to me it's like a loaded gun to your head, but she will say my mother lived until she was seventy, seventy well that's ok then. MY wife's sister in law who has Lupus, and cancer, she has fought it well has just gone into remission, has been informed she needs to go through Labours new medical, she lost all her finger tips to the chemo they actually burned off, she lost as everyone does all her hair, she weights about eight stone well under weight, she cannot walk, she is really struggling, to be told OK your now ready for your medical. That has to be pretty shocking labour says this is down to the Tories, of course it's not it's down to labour they put in welfare reforms allowing the Tories an open door. You had Brown the saviour of the world who stated that Disability Living Allowance was a wasted benefit, you then had the Tories say OK new medical much harder to get we need to save money and we will call it PIPs pips for god sake why not TIPs. I have to say between labour and the Tories these days, both state they are seeking to help the middle class with labour stupid arguments about the squeezed middle, then what is it like to be the working class, well according to labour now we have the Min wage we are all class less and now middle class ballocks . The big problem for Labour are simple it has a leader in Miliband who would like us to think he is a basic working class lad worked his way up, but he's not, the biggest laugh was when he accused the Tories of being rich, who the hell does he think he and most of his front bench are then. Labour will lose the next election and I really think the turn out will be low and that labour and the Tories will fight over the middle class, who I suspect will vote for the Tories, after all labour are not that brilliant with banking, bonus payments, welfare, NHS. I think in the end politics is in the gutter, expenses, lies, wars, then having basically nothing to say, the statement new labour is dead was pure spin. We really do need to know which way labour is going, Miliband will tell you he is safe in the middle not to the left not to the right, well mate watch out for that Tory bus, it's coming right down the middle.

Monday, 26 March 2012

The Tories are at it and labour are angry

labour are angry the Tories are seeking donations, short memories these Politicians £200,000 would buy you not only a meeting but a Lordship with labour.

Loans which were not loans and bribes which were not bribes

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Employment for the disabled

A4e is in a mess, but it's not the first time these type of employment charities, groups have been talked about.

I once had a letter from a welsh employment company from Dublin, I know why Dublin, it stated if I did not go to an employment meeting at once my benefit would stop.

I knew that it was voluntary at the time so wrote to my MP who stated she would look into it, came back with a reply she had a number of these emails and letters but did not know anything about the company. Turned out once you went down you were told to sign up with the company and they would get the fee, which was £1600 so the more people it could pull in the more money it would make.

I signed for Remploy on a Monday to be told Tuesday the company had pulled out of the area, oh I could still see them only had to travel.

The same thing when my job centre stated ok go and sign with the Shaw Trust they are local, they left the area saying firms were not interested in helping them, so that's two firms I had signed up for each I suspect would have had the £1600 but what help did I get nothing.

OK A4e is the new type of employment agency which is paid for getting people into jobs the longer you work the more they get, but I was told these firms were then giving out sub contracts to smaller local charities to do the tasks.

We deserve more but the fact is after eight years of saying blow the so called back to work Mafia, I went out as I did before I was disabled and looked for my own jobs.

I could not get through the front doors of many, Asda told me they would only employ people who had been to the job centre because the Job centre would screen people for them, Tesco stated if your disabled then you had to prove you were able to do the same jobs as a non disabled, I said but I would have difficulty with that being disabled he just smiled and shut the door.

Now that the jobs we would have been offered are drying up, we are hearing benefits and benefit payments in the future coming from India, two big computer systems to be set up by the Government will be done in India, with the DWP paying out a Billion in contracts, unless I piss off to India to work that's more jobs lost.

Looks like the UK is for sale.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Labourlist is of course grass roots labour, which makes me smile it's about as grass roots as the Tory sites, it's not to sure yet whether it's New labour Newer labour. banned again.

It has this problem the leader who is a rich bloke who does not like the disabled much, when he see any of us he uses his eyes to decide whether we can work, he's a weak leader, the weakest I've seen for a long time.

He's not to sure what the public want, so he waits to see a reaction, when the NHS reforms came out, he waited and waited and waited and the Tories got on with getting it through the Lords, then one day he woke up and said hello we need to fight for the NHS, to bloody late.

He's the type of bloke you would see on TV and ignore him because he's boring, and do not get me wrong his brother looks acts and sounds like his brother, how these people got into labour of course was through Dear old Tony effort to get people of his ilk to back him.

The Tories are open to attack but labour cannot do it in case the Tories mentions the deficit and the debt, but for god sake we need somebody to say look yes we are again in debt, but we can live within it.

At this time labours not got a single thing I would agree with, we are hearing Prescott saying more about private police, because Miliband is waiting to see what the public think, he cannot come out and say I me Ed Miliband do not like this, in case the public do.

he's a follower not a elader, it's as simple as that.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Labour party the coming of the ways

We are seeing the labour party fight to see who will run it, Ed Miliband is not the best leader I've seen or the worse for that, but my god he is not the leader to take the party into the next election. We are seeing New labour get annoyed at his weakness yet are not helping him but have decided to help him out by removing him.

We will see that great old fart Clark tell us all he would have won the last election if he was leader, bit difficult if your own people vote you out as an MP mind you.

We have seen David Miliband make his move now and he's waiting to see who will come with him. we are hearing that Blair has been in talks with the New batch of Labour MP's in secret of course about his third way and his place history.

But Labour has a problem it's not Labour, it's not New labour or so we are told so what the hell is it.

have to wait and see i suspect

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Time to get going again

Labour party.

“A new bargain for our country which reflects and rewards the values of Britain's hard working people”

So no good having a nice easy job you'd better look for something which is hard.

The squeezed middle has now been defined it's anyone earning the Min wage up to £32,000 this is labour catchment it's voting group.

So nobody getting any more because your not squeezed and your not struggling, also of course not people who are working part time, the sick the disabled and those who have lost a job, because your not the bottom feeders in labour new world.

How labour have lost the dam plot, it now as socialist as my dirty socks, it's still trying to define it self as new labour and able to take on the Tories as the Tories but without any real policies or any real idea's, it says it's middle of the road, look out mate a big lorry is coming and if your in the middle of the road you could end up in hospital

rant over.