Thursday, 17 September 2009

not a lot going on

Well my Job center is not seeing cripples now, we are being told to stay away while they help the poor old people out of work, they are not use to using the computers so my advisers is busy looking for her lap top, so she can look to see if any new jobs have popped up.

I've asked if I can have a list of employers who might be able to help me find work, she said the Shaw trust are the dedicated team on the governments list, but they are demanding more help because employers are not helping them, which is not surprising really.

We even have lady Scotland employing illegals now to clean their homes, funny how my wife who has Spina bifida had to work eight hours a day, run a home, deal with two kids and work, we could not afford somebody to clean our homes but of course she is now in the house of Lords, which does not pay much so she needed some I suspect cheap labour.

Boy what a life, just getting over what my doctor said was the flu, I asked swine flu, he said it might be I've no idea, he said if we give you a test you will get the same treatment, so I had the treatment, my grandsons got it now.

It's been a long hard year, with hospital treatment, going to the job center, looking for work, getting into an argument with me MP over whether I'll be coming back to the Labour party.

And should I care a dam, I decided life is to short, and I intend going on one holiday in my life time, I'm going to go to a warm country and spend a week laying on a beach getting tanned eating ice cream and swimming in the warm sea. if I live that long of course.