Monday, 26 November 2012


Today some hold a view that the past's "deserving poor" have been replaced by families living in council houses equipped with flat-screen TVs, games consoles and regular holidays. It great to see the BBC used a picture of a scrounger from Coronation street. Of course the BBC would love us to think it pay no homage to the Labour or Tory parties, but each time Labour did a green paper on welfare, the BBC brought out a program about scroungers. so who were the people that demonized the sick the poor and the sick, well of course Tony Blair David Cameron Brown and Miliband with the great help of the media and the BBC wihich was at the forefront. Even now we have on TV saints and scroungers or is that sinners. What a bloody nerve

OK medical

Had my letter saying had to go miles to my medical (ESA WCA), so phoned up to say I would rather have a home visit the question was why, in a wheelchair, OK we will contact you within three weeks to let you know, we have now cancelled your medical which is in three weeks. Three days later I get a letter saying the doctor will contact you for your home visit. They said get any medical evidence which would help the person who will see you, so asked my GP who said he charges £500, asked my consultant who said that you have so much wrong with you, that it would be around £1500. So I will allow the DWP or ATOS to contact them top get the evidence, I do not think it will take to much for the person who comes to see me whether I'm faking it, of course whether that's enough is another question. We are hearing that ATOS has changed it's view on mental health issues, so then again I will have to ensure I cut my wrists when they arrive, may as well. Am I worried about this visit well I could do without it, but I do think we should have medicals the problem is we use to, it was Labour that stopped the medicals in the first place, then moaned that people were getting benefits without medicals, this was done on what is called paper evidence cheaper was the reason for this, like always you save a pound and then spend millions putting it right in the first place. lets see how this goes, it should be done and dusted before Christmas, mind you I retire in eighteen months.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hospital and out

This week I get told I've a serious health condition, my diabetes was not found at my last visit to my GP even though I said I was struggling, thirsty all the time and feeling seriously unwell, mind you these days we only have twelve minutes with your GP. They said to me your diabetic, I said well ok what do I need to do, take these drugs, and have a look on line, so I did, sadly I went to the USA diabetic site. Went back two days ago to state I was doing this and that, they said hold on that not right, so I asked what should I be doing well lose weight, yes but what should I eat and how to do I cope, time is up. Last week hospital when I started to feel ill, sick and cannot stop drinking to be told when did you get told about being diabetic and I said three months ago, we told your GP eighteen months ago. I asked why the hell did you not tell me. Mistakes were made and now we have to sort out your life, has anyone told you anything, nope. have they given you advice, nope. Are you on medication nope. And now we hear 24,000 people are dying a year from this illness, well one way of saving money.,