Friday, 29 July 2011

Newer Labour

Where is the Labour party going Purnell we are told will become a major player in Milibands government, after his thoughts on child benefits bus passes and the rest.

We are told Mr Miliband will decide to go with our beloved Caroline Flint or her idea's of only giving council houses to people in jobs, and also to people who are doing a specialized job like teacher doctor nurse.

Forgive me for being stupid, I live right next to a council estate where the poorest are trying to get out of, they move to a dogs home then spend a life on this estate, I would not think a nurse doctor or teacher would want to come here if the rent was free. does anyone really think these people will want to live on a sink hole estate I know I did not

So a school teacher on £35,000 cannot afford a mortgage and a person who lets say has a disability would have to move to the private sector, or back to the 1900 into shit poverty housing.

Anyone have any idea where the hell Labour went, and who told flint Purnell and the nose of the year Miliband they were socialist

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sir Digby Jones

OK kids should decide to leave school at fourteen go and get a trade, two days in college and then move into a great deal, you will earn a wage, you will not be able to go back to school oh no this is it , no more beating up teachers boring lessons you will be bored sick working for the council doing a trade like lets see emptying the bins picking up litter. This is the bloke that thought the McDonald training places was the best ever great idea.

Oh god the Labour party and Digby Jones sorry Sir Digby Jones.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blue Labour Pink Labour

Ed Miliband is set to declare,

In his speech at a neighbourhood centre in London, Ed Miliband will focus on responsibility and promise to champion one of the core principles pioneered by the architect of the welfare state William Beveridge: the welfare state should reward those who contribute.

Aides stressed this is reviving the principles behind Beveridge’s thinking and does not denote a new national insurance system. “We will be a party that rewards contribution, not worklessness.

Question if a child is born with Cerebral Palsy, or a young eighteen year old Soldier gets his legs blown off, what then, has the young soldier done enough to have his pension, I'd say nope not according to the Huttons, Fields or Purnell and it seems Milibands.

So tell me Blue and Pink Labour what the f*ck are we bothering to vote for. and I think it shows How labour has no idea at all about people.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Miliband a socialite because he's no socialist

To day Miliband talked about the disabled the sick, he stated the use of words like frauds scroungers by the Daily mail, sometimes rightly, he then went off on a rant, ah yes I. still waiting for those who are disabled to have a tattoo and wear a badge to ensure everyone knows who we are, Labour and the Tories blame game. what next work camps with large chimney's.

Monday, 18 July 2011

To be in the TA's or not

So we are told today that the Tories will reduce the Military by 19,000 but increase the TA's, I suspect some form of extra payments or other means of getting the TA's up to strength. But it's the wrong way to go, the front line troops should always be the best trained with the TA's filling in when needed, they should not be front line fodder. I suspect the Tories have plans to ensure no more battles or wars for a while, it costs to much, god help us if the Falklands are attacked again, I suspect both Labour and the Tories would sell it off.

So whom will be sacked, I suspect all those with disabilities all those with problems will go, and then will be those coming to the end of time, officers who's air fields or navy yards, which will close, commanders of ships which are taken out of service unless your one of those with the right name, or contacts.

But today a report was released of course nobody is interested because of the Murdock shit, so it's a god day to release bad news.

It states that our troops were shit on by the Labour party, with us going to war with poor tools to complete the task, Brown stated what ever they needed they would get, but he of course cries a lot at home, or is that tears of laughter.

I think the idea of putting the TA's as our front lines troops no matter how well trained is a mistake, unless of course we are not going to war again.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

DWP.... now your in for it

Cheats warned of benefit fraud blitz

Benefit cheats are being warned today that a new Mobile Regional Taskforce to combat fraud will be visiting their area. This new team will target all high risk postcodes across the country re-examining claims for benefits and Tax Credits.

The Taskforce is the latest crack-down on benefit fraud by the Department for Work and Pensions and HMRC alongside local authorities, and cheats are being urged to admit their crimes and pay back the money before they get a knock on the door.

Lord Freud, Minister for Welfare Reform said:

"The new Taskforce is our latest weapon in tackling welfare fraud on the front line. We are sending a clear warning that if you are fiddling the system, you will be caught. Welfare fraud is a crime and takes money away from the most vulnerable.

"People who are receiving the correct benefits and Tax Credits have absolutely nothing to fear. But if people have deliberately not told us of a change in circumstances, they should do so now, before the team comes knocking at their door.

"Alongside the Taskforce we are bringing in the Universal Credit which will simplify and automate the benefits system. This will make it much easier to catch people who make false claims."

People who tell the Department about a change in their circumstances before they are found out by the Taskforce will have to repay the money they owe, and, depending on the seriousness of their action, may face an additional punishment. Anyone who doesn’t take this opportunity and is found by the Taskforce to be committing welfare fraud could be prosecuted and fined or imprisoned.

David Gauke MP, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury said:

"This government will not tolerate money which is meant for those in genuine need being siphoned off into the pockets of cheats and fraudsters.

"The new taskforce delivers on our commitment to tackle benefit fraud and together with the extra £917 million we have re-invested in HMRC sends a very clear message."

The Taskforce will start on 25 of July in the Perry Barr and Kingstanding area of Birmingham. People can also report a cheat on the National Benefit Fraud Hotline number 0800 854 440 or online via:

This new measure is set out alongside other measures in the fraud and error strategy announced at the end of last year by DWP and HMRC that will reduce annual welfare fraud and error overpayments by one quarter (£1.4 billion) by March 2015 through:
Launching a single fraud investigation service
Accessing more data and using private sector analytical techniques
Increased asset seizure
A new tougher one-strike, two-strike and three-strike rules, including three years for people with multiple convictions
Money owed deducted directly through PAYE
Case-cleaning over 1 million claims to remove official or customer error

Universal Credit, which will replace income-related support from 2013, will simplify the benefit system making it even harder for fraud and error to enter and making the benefit system far easier to administer.

Notes to Editors
The Mobile Regional Taskforce will scrutinise the claims of a high proportion of current benefit customers within a specific geographical location, regardless of age, gender, ethnic make-up, type of benefit recipient, income, disability breakdown or family status.
The Taskforce will begin in Birmingham’s B44 postcode area on 25th July 2011. A full roll out across the country will commence in the autumn.

In October 2010 the Cabinet Office established the Counter Fraud Taskforce, which is chaired by Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office. It is made up of senior officials from government and private sector with expertise in tackling fraud, error and debt. Officials from the National Fraud Authority (an Executive Agency of the Home Office) provide the secretariat to the taskforce.

This Taskforce has overseen eight pilots in different Government departments using the latest technology to tackle fraud in the public sector. Some of these have made immediate savings:
HMRC: £256 million over 4 years by using data analytical techniques to screen tax credit applications before payments are made
HMRC: £750 million over 2 years using credit reference agency data to detect undisclosed partners
DWP: £490 million over 4 years using credit reference agency data to detect undisclosed partners
HMG: £264 million on payments to suppliers made in 2009/10, using analytical techniques to detect overpayments through fraud or error. DfT pilot saved £0.5m and the Home office saved £4m using these techniques.

What a country

Everything is now about the hacking, even Gordon Brown jumps in with wise words, sadly he was not wise enough to hold an inquiry blaming everyone else except him self.

Talk about a good time to hide the world going bang, Italy is now looking like the next country that needs billions, but heck was not the president prime minister not running around the world telling us Italy was great again.

The UK we are told Afghanistan is now OK it's fine we are with drawing our troops, and then sack them lay them off.

Aircraft carriers costing billions more then they should little wonder we would not want to built to much here, then again the workers know once these ships are finished so is the boat yards. make them last lads.

DLA to PIPs is going through government now , whats being said sod all it's not hacking.

Employment is down but unemployment is of course up hows that for a good one, more people are in work, but yes sadly more people are on the dole, that's political speak for we are fucked.

It's been a great month, but I did enjoy seeing Gordon back in Parliament even if his shirt looked dangerous

Monday, 11 July 2011

DLA or PIP's

It looks like people are getting ready to test this little change in the courts, but as yet nothing has been decided.

I see people are angry that the Tories are saying we need to sort this one out, too many disabled people are getting extra money. But in fact if you look at the lowest rates of DLA you get I believe it's £17.50 this could be due to having say a bad leg , or a bad knee say with Arthritis.

But for my wife who applied for DLA for having spina bifida she was turned down flat, she had to apply a number of times before a doctor said OK you can have the lowest amount, yet I know people who are seriously disabled who are turned down point blank, is it the system, poor doctors, or doctors who do not give a shit.

We had a TV program in Wales about one such doctor who saw numerous people some with such serious disabilities and yet he turned down everyone, nobody got a pass.

Another doctor who was seen by another, the doctor spoke no English how the hell did he get a job, this doctor asked one customer we are customers, that if he had come from this doctors country then he would have to beg, the reply was well lucky I do not come from your country then.

My worry like always this is about cutting benefits again to repay the debts of the bankers, seems the disabled and the sick will be repaying a lot.

But lucky the Tories are going to look at it, Brown did not wish to look at it just stop it.

Good time to be disabled in 20011

Miliband today

To day Miliband obviously came on TV to have ago at the Tories which is great the Tories need to be brought down a step or two. But if your going to demand that the Tories stand up and take the blame you'd better be sure the Tories can not hit you back.

It seems now labour had been told in 2002/3 that in fact peoples phones had been hacked and decided after a quick discussion to do nothing, question why not! was it because you did not wish to up set the owners.

I just think if your going to throw stones you had better be sure your green house has bullet proof Glass.

Why did Miliband go to the Murdock's drink party. and then we get a story about Miliband not going to a Union do because of Bob Crowe, he's not the type of Union man Miliband likes.

God Almighty how much lower can labour go before it disappears up it's own rectum,

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Miliband makes it plain where Labour stands.

Forget Miliband shocking show on TV! we should have done more to the News of the world and News International. The question is like always why did you not.

We saw the squeaky return of Blair to protect his earning by protecting his mates.

If this is correct it shows where Blair real feeling are telling a well known MP to stop hounding the Murdock's.

Anyway how about Miliband feeling on being classed to the left, Andrew Marrs question went down like a bomb the smile on Miliband face was the look alike Browns.

No said Eddie the Eagle Miliband as he skied toward that tree, we are to the center, we are in the middle we are yes New labour.

Must be getting mighty difficult in the center of the political divide with the Slightly red Tories or so we are told, the slightly blue labour and the poor old Liberals, all we want now is for the BNP to tell us they love Black people and immigrants and the center ground would be block up

Friday, 8 July 2011

News of the world hacking

OK it's wrong it's evil and people should go to jail, and any party that new about it should be saying the people who did know should be placed on trial.

OK being disabled New labour decided I would need to have a voice speech recognition or lie detector, labour hired a private company to go around checking all our bank accounts, labour decided that we needed ID cards so you Knew who was getting benefits and who was hard working tax payers. Then we had right of entry labour decided any council official could enter my home check my belongs to ensure I was not living above my standard, even my Tesco club card was checked.

I see Miliband now talking about the bad Tories but come on are your really telling me this lot did nothing wrong.

The email scandal of making Cameron and his wife look bad with slander and lies McBride, I think people throwing stones you better be clean your self.

News of the World has gone ended?

So the News Of The World has gone, none of the top rank bosses are expected to lose a job the top job of the editor will I suspect go to one of the other major players in News International. But what about the poor sods who work for a living who do not have the nod of Murdock.

Coulson is innocent we are told by Cameron only a few months ago, now he has gone and Cameron will do what ever he can to sort this out, Miliband comes out raging about fairness, Jesus this from a party who uses the influence of Tony Blair to keep this same gang on side for Labour.

My heart bleeds for Cameron and Miliband with their fake shame attacks.

Now then we will see a Police inquiry lets hope none of the Police are on the pay roll of taking pay backs for information.

Labour are saying this is showing the Tories in a bad light, but if you go back to check who was in charge when it started we find Blair and brown at the helm.

laugh it makes me hurt when I see Miliband showing he cares, all he is doing is finding that niche which he believes can get him back to the top leader of the small c Tories.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Labour to become a new party in Scotland Irn Bru

The re-branding of labour is on it's way, we are told Miliband has been open about the new idea in Scotland to become the Irn Bru of Scotland. A soft drink, well I think myself you should be looking at making a lot of labour politicians drink the stuff lots of it, to get some iron in your spines. We are told Scotland is to take charge of it's MSP, it's MP's and it councilors, not a bad idea for Scotland. I think we are already seeing the splintering of labour into a factional party, but of course if that wins Miliband and his tribe the leadership heck why not.

We are told Labour in England will go ahead looking to get funding from out side of the Unions, yes but we will not break with the Unions, no I bet, not not while they pay your dam wages mate.

We are told Labour England is to chase it's middle class vote, while Scotland since the SNP is more socialist, I suspect labour will chase the rich middle class Tory vote.

Wales we are told is now a socialist party, but when you see all this re-branding it's a joke because in the end, all it's for is to give Miliband the leadership.

Quick lets get that Independence vote going.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Jobs these are the jobs

CAFE COOK Add to shortlist
Company:xxxxxxx Cafe Salary:£5.93 PER HOURLocation:LLANELLI, DYFEDPrevious experience would be an advantage. Duties include cooking of breakfasts and lunches and keeping the kitchen clean and tidy. There will be a probationary period of 1 month. Completed Jobcentre Plus application form to be returned to employer's...

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4 days ago from: Directgov
Company:xxxxxx xxxxxx Health and Fitness Centre Salary:MEETS NAT MIN WAGELocation:xxxxx, xxxxxxxx, DYFEDThis is a self employed vacancy. We are looking for a well motivated and professional individual. An opportunity to rent space with in a brand new popular health and fitness centre. You will be delivering a one on one personal training service to members...

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4 days ago from: Directgov
Company:xxxxxx LED Lighting UK Ltd Salary:COMMISSION ONLYLocation:xxxx,xxxxxxx DYFEDThis is a self employed vacancy. No experience needed as training will be given. Relevant knowledge within the field is required. Sales experience would be an advantage. Duties will include generating new business by telephone and site visits and any...

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16 days ago from: Directgov
xxxx CONSULTANT Add to shortlist
Company:xxxx Associates Ltd (The) Salary:OTE £30,000 - £75,000 PER ANNUMLocation:xxxxxx, DYFEDThis is a self employed vacancy. The company has given an assurance that this vacancy enables workers to achieve a wage equivalent to the National Minimum Wage rate. Sales or financial services experience preferred. Experience is not essential as full...

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17 days ago from: Directgov

Notice commision or self employed and I,m supposed to jump at these. these are the jobs available in my area, I find most are self employed and commision oonly.

The big push now is self employed

Friday, 1 July 2011

Blue labour

Blue labour we are told is a new Political group to fight to win the next election.

Who is in it well a few of great socialist like Cruddas, the bloke who did not even bother voting on labour welfare reforms, but voted against at the Tories attempts.

And then they have the greatest lefty since Nye Bevan the one and only Purnell "Not"