Thursday, 19 July 2012

Working class MP's

Miliband came out saying we need more working class MP's and I though hello sounds a bit of socialism. But then labour stated these MPs would be business people people who ran small firms, so that is OK then, labour still conservative with a not so small C. Durham miners Gala, Mr Miliband speaks about clean coal, and opening up coal mines, well one way of getting Polish miners to work here. I cannot say I would enjoy going down a mine again and not for £190 a week min wages, but can somebody tell me what the hell clean coal is, do not tell me it's coal with carbon capture. sad to say every time I hear labour speak I'm confused Labour has now said it's going to change the rhetoric about public services, it's all wrong, labour has to tell people benefits are not wrong, excuse me who the hell put out that, most people on benefits were scroungers or work shy. New Labour or Newer labour.


The Red Flag said...

No chance. Most of the constituency parties are run in the upper ecehlons by middle class faux-socialists. They will only select nominations in their own image.

Anonymous said...

You get what you voted for.

Robert said...

You get what you voted for on all parties.