Thursday, 13 December 2012

Being disabled for me and work.

Many years ago while the Labour party were in power, I was contacted by the office of the Labour party, a young man had said he saw me on TV and thought well maybe it would be time for me to say less and look for work. He suggested I'd be willing to help the party by doing a survey, and then looked for work and say less. I was now ready to end my time with this political group it was obvious even to a flying Duck labour was going to wards the center right, and it was slowly becoming more conservative and less socialist. I then did a TV show about Remploy followed by another about work and the idea that anyone could work, the BBC who works with which ever government is in power then decided to make a program about scroungers, they arrived at my home with an American Kick boxing pratt, who like most in America thinks the disabled would be better in camps with lots of gas rooms, took me ten minutes to Google him and what we found was not nice at all, his group that he worked for and Labour was willing to sell themselves actually subscribed to allowing prisoners who were serving life to be given injections to end their lives, they also thought that allowing prisoners to take drugs to try them out. It was interesting and when he came to this country he brought his feeling with him and his ideas and you could see the BBC presenters nodding in agreement. I was then told that they were not really looking at me and I was to be the disabled one, they were going to Merthyr to see the lazy workshy worthless, which on it's own is interesting. When shown on TV this America stalwart of Labour idea on disabled decided that I was disabled seriously disabled and I was honest, so out he goes to find me work, first it was a local cafe, three steps to get in and the young lady stated she was willing to pay for the right person £10 a day, he came back and said I've found you work the presenter said it was easy, I then said I'm disabled not stupid, the going rate at this time was £3.20 an hour under the min wage, yes came the reply but does that mean disabled people as well, yes of course it does. The reply came back you British do not know how to treat people you should be forced, well yes forced up steps and forced to work in an area to small for a wheelchair, the cafe closed down that night. Then a local cake factory said oh yes we will always employ the disabled, back they came again and said see look at this, they showed me, so I phoned up the local factory yes what can we do, well I'm looking for work, good we are employing OK good, does having a wheelchair matter, the phone went dead, they had put the phone down, so I phoned up again to be put through to the management, no at this time we are not employing anyone, thank you phone back next year. Did the BBC put any of this on the TV no of course not they were on the way to Merthyr to have a got at them. This chap came from America had to have been paid at least £100,000, he then has a car driven for him and would have had a five star hotel and expenses, £100,000 would have paid the wages of five disabled people, the car alone was £6,000 plus driver so £10,000 another two people for a year, his expenses would have been for the week at least £6,000 plus another employee, so in all seeing this pratt the BBC could have employed maybe eight disabled people for a year. How many people with a disability do the BBC employ, well it secret, but they do accept it's not as many as they could, in fact is 1% of the total. The government which employs a million people throughout the country only reach 1.8% of disabled people and I had this quote, working within the government can be hard work and would not suit all people with disabilities, yes most employers say the same.


The Red Flag said...

Burning 'heretics' in public to appease the masses is what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Burning heretics is what you have always advocated for those that disagree with you Red.