Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I have been called for my medical the dreaded WCA, actually I'm looking forward to it, my wit against the wit of the person ticking the boxes. Are you disabled yes, what is your disability Paraplegia from the L5, causing loss of bowel and bladder function, I also have serious damage done after catching MRSA, on three separate occasions. Yes but are you really disabled. So will I win this battle after seeing some of the people who have been rejected including my sister in law who has two types of cancer simply put I have no chance. But I will bet I do, it will of course be through the appeals procedures. Look at it I have a serious spinal injury, had three of my discs removed as they were completely wrecked one of them caught my nerves controlling my bladder and bowel. I then caught MRSA, which saw my spine become infected so badly they had to cut my legs from the hip to the knee to drain out the puss only for my legs to be infected they used maggots to clean that up. This week I was informed I'm diabetic and it has caused problems with my eyes, it's adding to the pian in my legs which is now reaching chronic levels again. But I'm a scrounger work shy.

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