Friday, 20 April 2012


I cannot be bothered to go through all this again, but it harder to find a difference these days between the three parties at the top, Liberals are now back to the Whigs, Tories are the Tories, and labour is trying to get in-between the lot. The one thing we do not have is a socialist workers party any more, working class is now hard working people, and the middle class are the new socialist according to Miliband. I fought like hell to keep our Remploy factories open, in the end Labour phoned me up to say it would be best if I left the party, which I did. But in the end what chance of these people now working in Remploy have of finding work, it depends on your disability I will speak in all honesty now, if you have a degree, have a limp or your toe nails is broken you may well find a job, if you have a funny face, you have a problem talking you have disability, then sadly no chance at all, so what does this mean, well it means every one of these people being laid off, yet being told they are able to work, so they will sign on to JSA, but of course to get JSA you cannot have a disability. It's sad but this is the new labour new socialism the new Tory-ism. Not a single worker for the two factories that closed by me eight years ago have found a job, even with the three million Labour gave to the council, what did the council do with it , obviously they did not use it to help the disabled people. We are back in the Victorian period in which we will see disabled people begging

Sunday, 15 April 2012


So Galloway shows labour how to do politics, labour blames everyone and everything except they are out of touch, We hear people say Tom Watson organised nothing and walked away, I suspect labour were so sure of winning they did not see this happening.

Then you have the argument that Galloway is now a Muslim, but he,s a Catholic but had strong feeling against the war, out comes the critic he went to to Saddam he was mates with a dictator, unlike Blair then.

In the end I suspect Galloway spoke about the wars, about how people in Bradford got nothing from a labour party which does seem out of touch with people worries.

Looking at labour Wales and labour England and labour Scotland and you see labour is struggling, in Wales it has a minority Government, in Scotland it's been wiped out I suspect mainly because it was seen as new labour when it wanted old labour, and you have the English a mini Thatcherite party which offered tip bits.

I do not know the out come of the Council elections because I would vote labour since my independant


This year and last has been a nightmare, my Cousin 40 dies in her sleep, she had high blood pressure and she was over weight, goes to bed fails to wake up, my Uncle who was seventy eight tells me a year ago he has cancer, tells me does not bother telling his family, does not go to the doctor, but he was right he had cancer, dies going to the toilet. This week the youngest of my mothers sisters who has been fighting cancer for years, she has so much pain and is struggling to cope said she did not feel well, and passed away, she died thankfully in her sleep, it has knocked the stuffing out of me, but all of my family except myself smoked heavy, well they were all born and lived through the war years and smoking was seen as being social, so many have died way to early but all had so much life taken away with years of pain, then I go out and my neighbour is sitting out side the house, child on her lap chain smoking, to me it's like a loaded gun to your head, but she will say my mother lived until she was seventy, seventy well that's ok then. MY wife's sister in law who has Lupus, and cancer, she has fought it well has just gone into remission, has been informed she needs to go through Labours new medical, she lost all her finger tips to the chemo they actually burned off, she lost as everyone does all her hair, she weights about eight stone well under weight, she cannot walk, she is really struggling, to be told OK your now ready for your medical. That has to be pretty shocking labour says this is down to the Tories, of course it's not it's down to labour they put in welfare reforms allowing the Tories an open door. You had Brown the saviour of the world who stated that Disability Living Allowance was a wasted benefit, you then had the Tories say OK new medical much harder to get we need to save money and we will call it PIPs pips for god sake why not TIPs. I have to say between labour and the Tories these days, both state they are seeking to help the middle class with labour stupid arguments about the squeezed middle, then what is it like to be the working class, well according to labour now we have the Min wage we are all class less and now middle class ballocks . The big problem for Labour are simple it has a leader in Miliband who would like us to think he is a basic working class lad worked his way up, but he's not, the biggest laugh was when he accused the Tories of being rich, who the hell does he think he and most of his front bench are then. Labour will lose the next election and I really think the turn out will be low and that labour and the Tories will fight over the middle class, who I suspect will vote for the Tories, after all labour are not that brilliant with banking, bonus payments, welfare, NHS. I think in the end politics is in the gutter, expenses, lies, wars, then having basically nothing to say, the statement new labour is dead was pure spin. We really do need to know which way labour is going, Miliband will tell you he is safe in the middle not to the left not to the right, well mate watch out for that Tory bus, it's coming right down the middle.