Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hospital and out

This week I get told I've a serious health condition, my diabetes was not found at my last visit to my GP even though I said I was struggling, thirsty all the time and feeling seriously unwell, mind you these days we only have twelve minutes with your GP. They said to me your diabetic, I said well ok what do I need to do, take these drugs, and have a look on line, so I did, sadly I went to the USA diabetic site. Went back two days ago to state I was doing this and that, they said hold on that not right, so I asked what should I be doing well lose weight, yes but what should I eat and how to do I cope, time is up. Last week hospital when I started to feel ill, sick and cannot stop drinking to be told when did you get told about being diabetic and I said three months ago, we told your GP eighteen months ago. I asked why the hell did you not tell me. Mistakes were made and now we have to sort out your life, has anyone told you anything, nope. have they given you advice, nope. Are you on medication nope. And now we hear 24,000 people are dying a year from this illness, well one way of saving money.,

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The Red Flag said...

I'm also a T2 diabetic Robert. I wrote a bit about how I deal with it at this link ( http://forum.caergybi.com/index.php/topic,6188.0.html ). If you can't open it drop me a line and I'll copy it into a document and forward it on to you.