Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I've been tired run down, and to be honest not that bothered about anything, so off to my doctors, he says OK look your getting on, I said rubbish mate I'm sixty not hundred, so in the end he says we will give you a blood test. It's just come back I'm diabetic, also my bloody counts low, my blood pressure is either to low or to high, so get on the bed, to be told your heart is all over the place. I will phone up to see if the consultant will see you today or this week, sixteen weeks, so they said can you pay (again), I said how much £175 OK, go on then, right I'll phone, I get told go down now he'll see you this afternoon, so sixteen weeks under the NHS, or now if you pay, you go to an NHS hospital, your met by an NHS nurse, and the doctor is working on NHS patients. I arrive I'm offered tea and biscuits or coffee, all the other patients are sitting looking and I can see them thinking bet he's private. I get told you can go in sir, and this old gent says hold on Ive been waiting an hour I was here before him, and the nurse says sorry love but he's private, she did not say it in a nice way either. I go in they listen to my heart checks my medical record and says you have heart murmur and it looks like you have a heredity heart problem, which is news to me. he says I will put you onto the waiting list now to be seen at clinic you will I suspect need to have an anigiogram . Not bad i suppose for £175 but it does make you wonder why I could not have been seen on the NHS

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Robert - I'm T2 diabetic (which is what I assume you are). I wrote this:-,6188.0.html