Thursday, 18 October 2012

Energey power gas and electric

I find it amusing listening to Caroline Flint, who has now found her socialism well according to some. I still remember her when she was Tony Blair girl, a new labour lap dog. Forget about being sick disabled or poor, if you did not have a job you dam well should not have a council house. Now she has totally forgotten labour was in power for thirteen years, and groups had asked and in some area demanded labour do more to cut fuel costs, what did Labour do nothing. Now of course New labour is dead, born again Flint is the pin up girl of a Newer Labour party who have the nerve to tell the Tories to do something. Laugh I'd dam well cry but I cannot afford it. But somebody had better start looking at power and power within the UK, Wales wants to build wind turbines all over the place yet the vast majority of wind turbines by me stand idle, it's either no wind or to much wind, and now they are wearing out to fast.

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