Sunday, 15 July 2012


sacking and rehiring off NHS at lower wages longer hours and none overtime payments where chief executives have acknowledged they would need to act "in unison", the paper reports. The report says 60,000 nurses and doctors need to end being paid for working over time, they need to be paid less, so the NHS can live carry on. But notice something not a single bloody executives talk about their wages their bonus payment, it's always the workers it's never the bloke earning the £250,000 with 40,000 Bonus for putting the NHS hospital into debt. managers in my local hospital on average get paid about £156,000 to £180,000 with an average bonus ( £30,000 to £50,000) payment for a 35 hour week with a golden pension of £70,000. Asked why these people were not being sacked came a reply they have redundancy packages . I'm waiting for Miliband to say something worthy, but I expect he will need to check with Blair first or one of his spin doctors nothing spontaneous from Mr Miliband, he might lose a middle class voter.

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