Monday, 22 October 2012

Politics what's it for.

They asked me to attend a nice cup of coffee evening to discuss why I've left or anything else I maybe annoyed at, they said a number of people would be in attendance and we would have five minutes each. So I wrote a letter saying well I'm disabled, I'm d going through Labour new medical assessment, do I really need to say more, the reply was interesting and I think put my view of labour into clear view. We hope that you will be voting for the Police commissioner. This lady in my area has been around the labour party for a long time, she has applied for every position within labour including MP, to councilor and now this one. I can in all honesty say this week after listening to the Labour party in Scotland proudly back up the Tories by saying we will cut, no free prescriptions, no free bus pass, no no no free free free. Today in Wales the Tories stated if we win in Wales we will stop free prescription, free bus pass, we will end these benefits for those who can afford it, they stated why should a person get 39p prescription for paracetamol, when people with cancer cannot get treatment. What are they saying people should not claim 39p, I do not know any doctor who would give a prescription for 39p my own doctor says you can buy your own cheap drugs. The real question is where is labour going, Miliband wants us to tell him about what we want, why does he not really know, then again maybe he does not. But the fact is for me the SNP has more socialism in it's blood then this so called labour party.


The Red Flag said...

Robert, I advise you to switch your comments to DISQUS like I did on my blog.

It reveals to you the e-mail address and the IP address of every commenter and you can permanently block them by e-mail and also by IP address or both if you wish.

It also allows you to harvest the details of the more blatant far-Right twats and hand them over to searchlight and special bramch.

The Red Flag said...

There is no such thing as 'free speech'. There never has been and only a moron would even think there ever will be.

Have a look up this chain of comments. The vast bulk are the postings of fucktards. Most probably don't realise that even though they post as anonymous they are actually totally transparent, even if they go via Tor. There is no such thing as anonymous on the internet.

The Red Flag said...
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Robert said...

Have not long come back from hospital turned up to see this rubbish

Robert said...

red Flag thanks for the advice.