Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tory V Labour.

Job are coming OK they are part time, youth unemployment has dropped not enough I will grant you, but it's the mainstay of Labours battle ground. If the private sector is employing be it part time then Labour arguments are now getting to look frail, today in PMQ's Labour did not look so great did they, Cameron for the first time in a while could counter Labour by saying well mate it's dropping. The question is of course will it last, another problem for the Tories of course is inward immigration from the EU, if we start to pull out of the unemployment trap, will we see large scale migration immigration from Spain, even France. I notice the interview this morning from the BBC, the lady who was speaking to a professor about the unemployment figures stated it's good that unemployment is dropping and it good news it's from the private sector, the professor stated yes but it's good also the public sector is also looking to employ, yes came the reply but it's the private sector that matters, he replied both sectors are important, in Oxford because of the teaching the Universities and the hospitals, she had one more snide remark about private sector being more important. I bet not for a minute this women thought to her self hang on I work for the public sector. It's still to little and it's coming very late, but I hope this small green shoots carry on because boy do we need employment to pick up, sadly I think it has sod all to do with politician of any side.

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