Monday, 2 March 2009

Seems my blogging has come to an end for jobs anyway, my job center now refuses to see anyone with a disability and they pull out all the stops to get the unemployed back into work. Seems all those employers now have a choice, Polish workers, or unemployed workers, the disabled are just getting in the way. MY Dea disability employment advisers off looking for work for all those laid off, she does not have the time for cripples anymore.

But the new medicals are on going.

I saw a report yesterday about the new voice analyzers being used by the DWP, being bought by the government from a company which started in Israel, funny really how we look around the world to try and stop fraud . The report states these do not work they are too simple and do not take into account the stress from actually phoning what was once known as the DHSS or the Nazi squad.

It does not take into account how people who are disabled with an illness or an accident or being just pissed off with the wife who is asking for a divorce can be. But still it makes a company and owner in Israel a lot of money.