Sunday, 25 March 2012

Employment for the disabled

A4e is in a mess, but it's not the first time these type of employment charities, groups have been talked about.

I once had a letter from a welsh employment company from Dublin, I know why Dublin, it stated if I did not go to an employment meeting at once my benefit would stop.

I knew that it was voluntary at the time so wrote to my MP who stated she would look into it, came back with a reply she had a number of these emails and letters but did not know anything about the company. Turned out once you went down you were told to sign up with the company and they would get the fee, which was £1600 so the more people it could pull in the more money it would make.

I signed for Remploy on a Monday to be told Tuesday the company had pulled out of the area, oh I could still see them only had to travel.

The same thing when my job centre stated ok go and sign with the Shaw Trust they are local, they left the area saying firms were not interested in helping them, so that's two firms I had signed up for each I suspect would have had the £1600 but what help did I get nothing.

OK A4e is the new type of employment agency which is paid for getting people into jobs the longer you work the more they get, but I was told these firms were then giving out sub contracts to smaller local charities to do the tasks.

We deserve more but the fact is after eight years of saying blow the so called back to work Mafia, I went out as I did before I was disabled and looked for my own jobs.

I could not get through the front doors of many, Asda told me they would only employ people who had been to the job centre because the Job centre would screen people for them, Tesco stated if your disabled then you had to prove you were able to do the same jobs as a non disabled, I said but I would have difficulty with that being disabled he just smiled and shut the door.

Now that the jobs we would have been offered are drying up, we are hearing benefits and benefit payments in the future coming from India, two big computer systems to be set up by the Government will be done in India, with the DWP paying out a Billion in contracts, unless I piss off to India to work that's more jobs lost.

Looks like the UK is for sale.

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