Sunday, 29 May 2011

my od computer paced up

After so many years of getting bits and bobs to keep my computer running it packed up and died a death. The mother board decided it was time for a funeral, I have had to borrow a lap top for which the key board is to small for my fingers.

Shopping for a new one will start next week.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Red Ed

So Miliband says again the middle class are the people to make of break Labour, the working class are mostly thick uneducated morons who would vote Labour even if it became New Labour. So the battle is set Labour must get back the swing voters of the hard pressed middle class, who are suffering under the Tories.

I suspect the poorest can see the taxation go up again as Labour would press forward with cutting the poorest within the middle class.

It must be me but the battle is now on to see which of the blue core parties Tory Labour liberals who can win back those pesky middle class swingers who swung back to the Tories.

Me I swinging out of bothering to vote.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


My grandsons have informed me that today is the day, FA cup, and their team Manchester United will be crowned champions.

Being a Liverpool fan myself I will have to sit and grin and bare it, otherwise my life will not be worth living.......

Thursday, 12 May 2011

What next

Just talking to my local councilor about life and he said how do you feel about the new labour regime going into the blue. I said pardon, he said what do you think of Blue labour with Purnell and Cruddas and to some degree Mandy.

I said it does not suprise me new labour was in fact a poor copy of the Tories anyway, so to get back in you have to have a gimmick of getting back the Tory voters. He said is that what you think, well I said why not call it red labour then, or is red some how seen as being socialist, and blue is seen as what.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Job center

I've been told to wait until they can sort out whom is the new job provider, the Job Center does not think it can work with the disabled if a new provider is going to take over.

And I was informed that the job center has to work with able bodied people who are seeking work as they are now a priority, nothing like being told your not a priority to lift one's spirit

Monday, 9 May 2011


The Government have a massive programme to reassess more than 1.5 million people on incapacity benefit by 2013 to see whether they qualify for employment and support allowance. However, the assessment process is deeply flawed. Forty per cent of appeals are successful, and there is widespread dissatisfaction with Atos Healthcare, the company carrying out the assessments. There are also serious concerns with the way that the process is being handled. The descriptors in the work capability assessment have been repeatedly revised over recent years so as to raise the bar for claimants. Further changes are now being rushed through before Professor Harrington has concluded the all-important second stage of his review, against the advice of the Social Security Advisory Committee. In particular, the committee felt that the work capability assessment measured theoretical work capability and took insufficient account of the realities of the work environment and the labour market, which has not enabled significant numbers to move into employment, even in relatively favourable pre-recession conditions. Some 92 per cent of employers say that they would find it difficult or impossible to employ someone who is blind or partially sighted, for instance. Now we learn that increasing numbers of disabled people are experiencing rigorous reassessments of their access-to-work support packages, which is hardly going to ameliorate the situation.

Even if you qualify for ESA—employment and support allowance—you may be no better off, because anyone receiving contributory ESA from next April who is in the work-related activity group will have payment of their benefit means tested after 12 months. This change is to be made retrospective. People will still be able to apply for income-related ESA after their contributory ESA ends, but if their partner is earning as little as £150 or working 24 hours or more a week, they will no longer be eligible for ESA. These are particularly savage policies going far beyond anything contemplated in the Thatcher era. They will cause great hardship and have a devastating effect on the lives of hundreds of thousands of disabled people. It is estimated that by 2015-16, 700,000 people will be affected by limiting contributory ESA to one year: 203,000 will lose on average £11 a week; 217,000 will lose £22 a week; and 280,000, a good 40 per cent, will lose as much as £89 a week. To people forced to live on benefit, these figures are mind-boggling.

Lords on Welfare

Some very good speeches today and some total rubbish, especially from Lord Sawyer about Remploy helping people. I have yet to see a Job Provider who employs disabled people, or in fact employ older people, the Shaw Trust and Remploy have for sometime employed people on the grounds of paying the min of the min wage in other words they pay people the youth rate of the min wage, what you get then are people who have no idea of the real world. I get fed up going to see a New Job provider and I can tell word for word what they will say.

I'm not disabled myself, but I know somebody who is, thats nice.

The fact is at the moment jobs are short and when jobs are sort employers are looking for the best, they do not want some dribbling retard to do the jobs a Polish worker can do ten times better, and yes I do dribble.

The fact is I have seen some people tell me that I should have been put down at birth, but I was fine at birth I had my accident when I was thirty nine.

It's been an eye opener to listen to the Tories in the house of Lords talk about the welfare reforms and listen to the New labour brigade.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

voting over what do we have....

Not a lot has changed in Wales, Labour I suspect will go into a coalition with the Liberals, may as well they messed up in England perhaps labour can help them in Wales, but will the Liberals fall for it.

I was talking about welfare reforms to a councilor at the polling station, ah yes he said I've not noticed to many disabled people, I asked how can you tell if they are disabled, oh he said thinking they drive new cars. Well thats it then if you drive a new car in Wales your disabled.

My friend who has been disabled all his life has been told his contract at a retail Unit will not be renewed this year, he has been working at the place for five years, but he only gets a one year contract.

Then another friend told me he has been laid off as well, he said they had told him they were getting rid of non essential jobs, which is like telling somebody your a waste of time and we are getting rid of you.

Then I hear that a person who works for the council is being let go, as they try to save money now get this, she was told they had to do this to try and keep essential people. Nothing like knowing your getting the sack because your non essential.

I cannot wait to see where the hell I will be going to find work.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Are you disabled come tell us?????

I'm parplegic but that means nothing these days, nothing at all.

Rising from sitting and transferring from one seated position to another:
Cannot complete both of the following—

(a) rise to standing from sitting in an upright chair without receiving physical assistance from someone else; and

(b) move between one seated position and another seated position located next to one another without receiving physical assistance from someone else

If a claimant can do either one of these activities they are not eligible for the Support Group.
Again, this descriptor reflects a severe restriction of lower and upper limb function. Again, the claimant who has quadriplegia may fulfil these requirements. A claimant with paraplegia who has reasonable upper limb function may not fall into this support group as they may have good ability to independently transfer from one seat to another.
Information must be obtained at the pre-board check to confirm details of their disability and likelihood of restriction of both the rising and transferring activities. (See section 3.3 for further details of assessment at the LCW/LCWRA medical examination of this type of activity).

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Whom to vote for?

I took a long hard look I have been voting since 1967 elections, Assembly elections, Unions, you name it I've voted at it.

In 2005 I left the Labour party I've supported them from the age of twelve, but after new labour and Blair articles about work shy scroungers within Disability it was time to go.

So whom do I vote for today, Labour in Wales we are told is not labour England, it's easy to say, I cannot in all honesty believe that, they might well sound more left, but I think that has more to do with the coalition. Would Labour back the welfare reforms put in place by the Tories, according to Miliband yes he would, so that's it I will not be voting labour.

I cannot even be bothered about the Tories the hit on the working class, disabled, sick and poor, it's to cut no other reason.

Liberals well they sold out did not even bother taking any of the baggage with them, one minute they are fighting against welfare reforms the next Clegg is telling us they cannot afford it, I cannot be bothered with the Liberals the old Whig beliefs have shown them selves again.

For me right now, I'm leaning toward the local party or independents, they will never control the country and to be honest they make a rubbish job of my council, but they did say welfare reforms was wrong.

But boy it's getting hard to find a reason to vote these days.

Is he disabled seems not?

FATHER of five crippled with chronic arthritis, heart disease and gout was told he was fit enough to work as part of a review of disability benefit claimants.

Said Rohamed, aged 64, was forced to give up work at the GKN Hardy Spicer factory in Erdington 15 years ago due to his arthritis.

He has been claiming Disabled Living Allowances (DLA) for care and mobility, currently worth about £400 a month, ever since.

The divorced father, who has three grown-up sons and two daughters, has also suffered a heart attack, survived prostrate cancer and has asthma.

But, following a 20-minute interview with a Department for Work and Pensions doctor, his DLA was stopped because he was deemed fit enough to work.

The decision also meant that Mr Rohamed, who lives alone in a flat in Bridley Drive in Birmingham city centre, would have to give up his mobility scooter

Read More

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

So whom do I vote for.

I have had to listen to a number of parties speaking at my door or in Town, I tend to walk way but to listen to labour tell us that tuitions fee's are a disgrace is interesting, who brought in tuition fee's yes labour.

We are told the sale and the sell off of the NHS will be fought, yet in my small town you can pop in see a doctor pay your £35 be seen get treatments, where as my own GP the appointment can take a month, your seen for twelve minutes and told if you have not finished to make another appointment which takes another month.

To get my blood pressure done, I was informed it would be better if I had it done at a chemist and the phone the results through saving the GP time and pressure.

Go to see a dentist not in my area we still do not have any, and thats all down to labour.

Education we are told labour has done more for education then anyone else, they why is it children are still leaving school unable to read and write.

The Tories are no better thats true, but the difference in ideology between labour and the Tories are now much closer together.

Tomorrow is voting day and I'm not to sure to even bother voting.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Reading in April

Summary of the Bill
The Bill provides for the introduction of a 'Universal Credit' to replace a range of existing means-tested benefits and tax credits for people of working age, starting from 2013. The Bill follows the November 2010 White Paper, 'Universal Credit: welfare that works', which set out the Coalition Government’s proposals for reforming welfare to improve work incentives, simplify the benefits system and tackle administrative complexity.

Besides introducing Universal Credit and related measures, the Bill makes other significant changes to the benefits system.

Key areas

•introduces Personal Independence Payments to replace the current Disability Living Allowance
•restricts Housing Benefit entitlement for social housing tenants whose accommodation is larger than they need
•up-rates Local Housing Allowance rates by the Consumer Price Index
•amends the forthcoming statutory child maintenance scheme
•limits the payment of contributory Employment and Support Allowance to a 12-month period
•caps the total amount of benefit that can be claimed

He's dead

So after knowing where he was last year, the Americans finally took out Bin Laden, but we are hearing the Americans knew about this house or fort for at least four years.

So why today have the CIA special forces decided to end this man life, no doubt he was evil nasty little bit of vermin, but could this have anything to do with Obama ratings going through the floor, now of course he is sure to win the election as the hero of the USA.

Nothing works better then a dead terrorist before an election.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ok lets get this one going

I have been advised by the job center to wait until the new job providers are sorted then I will be seen and sorted.

It's been hell of a year, a small lump on my arm started itching and I though get some cream, the chemist said he did not like it, popped into the doctor who wrote to the hospital, my GP phones up says you need to be seen fast pronto, best go private, £150 quid cheap as chips, skin cancer.

It did not look like anything, I mean working in the building trade I was always getting my arms sun tanned never burned, doctor stated god your Lucky a few more months and it would be a different story. How much more bad luck can I have for god sake.

Then my father in law goes to hospital ,who say he is OK do not worry, he dies.

I sit at home thinking hell what next, when I get a call you will soon get your letter from the DWP for your ESA medical.

Anyone have a rope.