Sunday, 15 November 2009

start again

This is going nowhere, my job center refuses to even see me now, because well they are so busy.

On three occasions I went down, and was told by the security to come back after Christmas, whats the use of telling the disabled your not doing enough, if you cannot get the help, this dam government promised.

So they said come back about April 2010, but they did say you can look without using the job center. nice to know.

I think I'll start talking about my new community work, except I've been told that they are going to offer this to young people leaving school, so they can get this put on the CV.

Anyone get the feeling nobody gives a shit anymore.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

not a lot going on

Well my Job center is not seeing cripples now, we are being told to stay away while they help the poor old people out of work, they are not use to using the computers so my advisers is busy looking for her lap top, so she can look to see if any new jobs have popped up.

I've asked if I can have a list of employers who might be able to help me find work, she said the Shaw trust are the dedicated team on the governments list, but they are demanding more help because employers are not helping them, which is not surprising really.

We even have lady Scotland employing illegals now to clean their homes, funny how my wife who has Spina bifida had to work eight hours a day, run a home, deal with two kids and work, we could not afford somebody to clean our homes but of course she is now in the house of Lords, which does not pay much so she needed some I suspect cheap labour.

Boy what a life, just getting over what my doctor said was the flu, I asked swine flu, he said it might be I've no idea, he said if we give you a test you will get the same treatment, so I had the treatment, my grandsons got it now.

It's been a long hard year, with hospital treatment, going to the job center, looking for work, getting into an argument with me MP over whether I'll be coming back to the Labour party.

And should I care a dam, I decided life is to short, and I intend going on one holiday in my life time, I'm going to go to a warm country and spend a week laying on a beach getting tanned eating ice cream and swimming in the warm sea. if I live that long of course.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Bloody heck this week four of my neighbours have been made redundant all from the local NHS, another told me he has been warned he might be laid off from the council.

People might say ah well so what, they are all disabled everyone of them...

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Well great first week of school holidays total wash out massive rain floods and bloody swine flu.

Go to the cinema to see Harry Potter it's empty and I mean empty.

I asked is the film that bad and she says nope swine flu people are not going, we come out 9.45 every dam pub is full the clubs are heaving, one young lady no more then 18 laying in the middle of the road waving her knickers in the air, Tits hanging out screaming give me sex (not the words she used). The police pick her up throw her in the back of the van ,the boy friends argues with the Police to leave her go, and spews up on the road and over a police officer.

Taxi arrives he says sorry about the smell I just cleaned it up, two people in the back one messed her self, it's a Bloody Wednesday not the weekend for god sake.

Where the hell are we going...

Friday, 10 July 2009

soldiers dying for lack of equipment...

OK I'd will be the first to say if we go to war then troops are going to die, but if they die because the government has not given the lads the right equipment then sadly who ever is in charge be they minister MP or PM, courts should place these people against a wall and shoot.

We are told to day that we do not have enough helicopters so equipment is being taken to the front line by trucks, lorries.

This cannot be right and if we have no helicopters then buy them borrow them or bloody steal them but get them. One lad that dies because we do not have the right equipment is the biggest shame on any government.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Stay away

Well I think looking for work has to be put on hold, I've been told I will not be asked back until the recessions has lifted, because simple put they are out to find work for the unemployed.

So I will blog about everything any anything. One minute we are being pushed into Jobs that are at best stupid, window cleaning from a wheelchair the young Lady who suggested I can be used to get work because people would feel sorry for me. Another idea! I would get a grant to become a Taxi driver self employed , Labours new push now is getting us to go self employed.

Done it, did not like it, and will not be doing it again, last year I had a benefits review and if I was to start work I would be £25 a week worse off unless I worked a full week..

So what shall I talk about on a blog I had hoped would show how much work we put into looking for work, sadly we are still sending off application forms, sending emails, we have formed a group in which we can help each other.

So why can I not find work, well for some time now the area in which the disabled were sent to work has been the NHS, now you must be able to beat the non disabled to the job by showing you can actually do it. Second they are looking for well educated people who can be trained to fit into the jobs and actually work at it. But the fact is how many disabled nurses in wheelchairs do you see, if a nurse gets a bad back she is normally gone she retires.

How many Police officers do you see in wheelchairs soldiers traffic wardens, not many I bet, so what are the job for the disabled, well in the main it's picking up litter, sitting in a wheelchair in Asda calling out the cheap deals, or standing or sitting in the back ground doing little or nothing worth talking about.

I went for a job and nearly got in at a well known large building suppliers, they wanted somebody to tell people about buildings, being a building foreman for many years it suited me. They asked me questions about footing, regulations for knocking down a partion wall, about knocking down a main holding wall, I answered the lot, was told ok you have the job, only to be told two hours before starting they found somebody better. I later found out they had employed a Polish lad who could not speak English, it was felt he would fit in better, since people might feel uncomfortable speaking to somebody in a wheelchair.

I get this a lot.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

This blog was to be about me finding work, problem is the job center has given up. I've been told to come back In September now because they are snowed under with people looking for work. Makes you smile really they are treating the disabled different from non disabled I'm being treated like due to my disability I can wait.

I've been waiting now since the end of November last year for an interview and will more then likely wait until they call me in next year.

Just shows how much work they have for people with a disability. this site was to tell people about how hard I look for work and the dealing I have with the Job Center, right now I've not got any dealings

Friday, 8 May 2009

Is this a picture of Gordons brother doing the cleaning. can you imagine a brother cleaning a house well I cannot not. I might be able to see a lot of things in life like a disabled person getting benefits and saying he is worse then he is because it's hard to live on £60 a week. But a brother of a well off member of government cleaning a house I kid you not.

I've been feeling unwell for a while now tired and feeling like something is wrong, off to the GP straight in. had a look he said he is not happy he can feel a lump in my bowel, so first thing blood test, down to the Hospital it took four hours to have the test.

Gordons in trouble again.

Well our beloved Harriet said that MP's 9Gordon) can have maintenance done on his house which is spending £6000 on his brother cleaning his home, Harriet has said that's within the rules, so getting a family member into your home to clean it it's called according to Harriet maintenance. In my home it's called doing the house work.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I thought come on Rob go down to the job center take a look, gets to the door Hier Hitler comes over, your back again you have been told they do not have time now to help you. I was kicked out of the job center for god sake.

This blog started so I could write about my problems finding work, now I cannot even do this because I cannot get into my bloody job center.

Give me a break.

I think it's a waste of time writing about my employment, so I think I'll need to look at other means of writing something.

Oh I had an email from the job center with a list of jobs available.

Sic jobs.

Dentist for NHS practise.

Three dental nurses.

Dentist working for private practise.

Solicitor needed for busy practise.

Carer needed good working conditions MWP that's min wage payment which is of course £5.73.

sales person needed must have five years experience working from home self employed commission only.

Great jobs think I'll ask if they have a training program for dentists.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

OK well writing about the Job centers no good, being told to wait until July well it's a bit to long, I did go down and join another job broker, but the job broker said they have to wait to see what funding it would get from Government, they said the funding they did have was gone.

So what to write about well how about electric cars, I had a poster sent to me about looking at electric cars, it said new money would be put into green cars a two seater vehicle, so I had a look it has two seats and it has a boot my wheelchair would not fit into, they said the battery could be charged in two hours, but really needed 24 hours and it does 40 miles with a top speed of 40 mph. I was told the speed could be increased but the mileage goes down.

But looking at these cars the though of Clive Sinclair came to mind silly looking vehicles which will be bought for the kids and left to rot, ok these cars are a little bigger but two seaters for god sake, we are told you can by a car for the family but you can buy one of these for a run about, ok ok I'll buy one, nope sorry 2011 or perhaps 2012, so why is Brown offering us £5,000 well it's for buying a hybrid. Hold on a minute they go on fuel as well my uncle has one so far he has only put in petrol.

Anyone feel this is another bit of bull shit from new labour.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Seems my blogging has come to an end for jobs anyway, my job center now refuses to see anyone with a disability and they pull out all the stops to get the unemployed back into work. Seems all those employers now have a choice, Polish workers, or unemployed workers, the disabled are just getting in the way. MY Dea disability employment advisers off looking for work for all those laid off, she does not have the time for cripples anymore.

But the new medicals are on going.

I saw a report yesterday about the new voice analyzers being used by the DWP, being bought by the government from a company which started in Israel, funny really how we look around the world to try and stop fraud . The report states these do not work they are too simple and do not take into account the stress from actually phoning what was once known as the DHSS or the Nazi squad.

It does not take into account how people who are disabled with an illness or an accident or being just pissed off with the wife who is asking for a divorce can be. But still it makes a company and owner in Israel a lot of money.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

I've been back down to my job center went up to the computers pulled myself out of the wheelchair to try and use the stupid things, but they are to high for a wheelchair user. So I was asked if I needed help, and I said yes please, the chap went away came back and said you have to make an appointment.

Then that night I hear Labour saying they have spent billions putting in place help for the unemployed, yes but by appointment only.

The job center had a lot of people sitting talking chatting and moaning , so I asked whats the matter a women then said she had applied for benefits to be told because she has a slight disability, she was told that sickness benefits is her way forward, she said but I'm not really disabled, to be told yes but you are disabled.

Anyone think we are back at the Thatcher and Blair years of hiding unemployment by using sickness, this is the third time I've heard people say they have been told to see a doctor.

here we go again.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

It has taken me a year to find out why my Job Center has told me or keeps telling me to come back later, I've been told now to come back in July , and I tried to find out what happens in July will we have more jobs.

Now I know a private company is taking over my job center , so why should anyone be interested in helping me when they think they might be out of a job. The new company will be paid by results they must find people jobs, I cannot wait to find out what they think I can do.

Last year my job center felt window cleaning was a great idea and taxi driving, of course to alter a car for me to drive would cost a taxi company about £20,000 that's how much it costs me.

So last year they suggested I try doing a course which I did and had to pay my share of the costs of £350 once the course was over I was told it would help me find work, the course was making tea and coffee in the work place, health and safety and how to talk to disabled people.

But I wonder what this new firm is going to do to get me back to work lets see yes open camps in which the end result is a lot of dead people gassed.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I watched a program this morning about a lady with a disability going to New Zealand, and I thought that's odd they turned me down three years ago, for being a burden on their health care, so I though it must have changed so I took a look and guess what! the BBC have done it again made a program for TV and bloody lied. New Zealand will not take anyone with a disability who will be a burden on their health care system, some bloody world of equality.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Well his week I'm looking to see if I can get into retraining something Labour has been spouting for a while now, I was turned down by the Job Center on the grounds of my age, straight out they said your to old and to be honest to disabled they quickly changed that saying your disability makes it difficult, well yes being disabled is difficult hence I'm not working.

So I get sent to another provider, I watched the place for twenty minutes having a cup of coffee it's empty, so I go in and notice a sign on the wall saying office staff needed training given, so I asked about the jobs.

Ah right the problem is our office is upstairs and we have no lifts or access sorry. This is from a government job provider training agency it has no access.

So I ask what about retraining I have this note from my job center, ah yes we need this for our record and to get payments for you.

Yes but I'm not sure your the one which can help us, yes but we will not give advice free, so I hand the note over and now this company becomes my provider for the year.

Ok what have you got to offer, ah nothing really we are looking around to get companies to work with us, but you have been here two years, yes but it takes time to work up a meaningful partnership.

Ok when do you think you might have a training regime in place, well perhaps sometime this year, and that's it.

They now get £190 for me joining and they said come back later on in the year.

This is Labour training program for the disabled and the unemployed little wonder nobody takes labour seriously anymore.

I've told the wife that's it's six years of doing everything I can to find work or to find training has seen me getting shafted from one stupid company to another and I've had it.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Nothing yet

Well this blog is going to be short, I've been told not to attend a further interview until July 2009.

So I've joined another private group who told me they would find me work within weeks because they have the pulse of the nation and the nations wants the disabled in work not sponging off the state. Nice to know I'm sponging, but I'm not I worked for 28 years non stop and then had an accident so the insurance part of my National insurance stamp pays for me, it's not my fault in labour uses that money for something else.

Sadly this week another 300 people have been made redundant in my area making it, in two years 9480 people laid off .

But Labour now has a problem does it not if it cannot spend more money to put more people into v cowboy training programs they will soon have more people unemployed then Thatcher did.