Thursday, 16 February 2012

Time to get going again

Labour party.

“A new bargain for our country which reflects and rewards the values of Britain's hard working people”

So no good having a nice easy job you'd better look for something which is hard.

The squeezed middle has now been defined it's anyone earning the Min wage up to £32,000 this is labour catchment it's voting group.

So nobody getting any more because your not squeezed and your not struggling, also of course not people who are working part time, the sick the disabled and those who have lost a job, because your not the bottom feeders in labour new world.

How labour have lost the dam plot, it now as socialist as my dirty socks, it's still trying to define it self as new labour and able to take on the Tories as the Tories but without any real policies or any real idea's, it says it's middle of the road, look out mate a big lorry is coming and if your in the middle of the road you could end up in hospital

rant over.

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