Thursday, 8 March 2012


Labourlist is of course grass roots labour, which makes me smile it's about as grass roots as the Tory sites, it's not to sure yet whether it's New labour Newer labour. banned again.

It has this problem the leader who is a rich bloke who does not like the disabled much, when he see any of us he uses his eyes to decide whether we can work, he's a weak leader, the weakest I've seen for a long time.

He's not to sure what the public want, so he waits to see a reaction, when the NHS reforms came out, he waited and waited and waited and the Tories got on with getting it through the Lords, then one day he woke up and said hello we need to fight for the NHS, to bloody late.

He's the type of bloke you would see on TV and ignore him because he's boring, and do not get me wrong his brother looks acts and sounds like his brother, how these people got into labour of course was through Dear old Tony effort to get people of his ilk to back him.

The Tories are open to attack but labour cannot do it in case the Tories mentions the deficit and the debt, but for god sake we need somebody to say look yes we are again in debt, but we can live within it.

At this time labours not got a single thing I would agree with, we are hearing Prescott saying more about private police, because Miliband is waiting to see what the public think, he cannot come out and say I me Ed Miliband do not like this, in case the public do.

he's a follower not a elader, it's as simple as that.

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