Sunday, 15 April 2012


So Galloway shows labour how to do politics, labour blames everyone and everything except they are out of touch, We hear people say Tom Watson organised nothing and walked away, I suspect labour were so sure of winning they did not see this happening.

Then you have the argument that Galloway is now a Muslim, but he,s a Catholic but had strong feeling against the war, out comes the critic he went to to Saddam he was mates with a dictator, unlike Blair then.

In the end I suspect Galloway spoke about the wars, about how people in Bradford got nothing from a labour party which does seem out of touch with people worries.

Looking at labour Wales and labour England and labour Scotland and you see labour is struggling, in Wales it has a minority Government, in Scotland it's been wiped out I suspect mainly because it was seen as new labour when it wanted old labour, and you have the English a mini Thatcherite party which offered tip bits.

I do not know the out come of the Council elections because I would vote labour since my independant

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