Monday, 22 October 2012

Politics what's it for.

They asked me to attend a nice cup of coffee evening to discuss why I've left or anything else I maybe annoyed at, they said a number of people would be in attendance and we would have five minutes each. So I wrote a letter saying well I'm disabled, I'm d going through Labour new medical assessment, do I really need to say more, the reply was interesting and I think put my view of labour into clear view. We hope that you will be voting for the Police commissioner. This lady in my area has been around the labour party for a long time, she has applied for every position within labour including MP, to councilor and now this one. I can in all honesty say this week after listening to the Labour party in Scotland proudly back up the Tories by saying we will cut, no free prescriptions, no free bus pass, no no no free free free. Today in Wales the Tories stated if we win in Wales we will stop free prescription, free bus pass, we will end these benefits for those who can afford it, they stated why should a person get 39p prescription for paracetamol, when people with cancer cannot get treatment. What are they saying people should not claim 39p, I do not know any doctor who would give a prescription for 39p my own doctor says you can buy your own cheap drugs. The real question is where is labour going, Miliband wants us to tell him about what we want, why does he not really know, then again maybe he does not. But the fact is for me the SNP has more socialism in it's blood then this so called labour party.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Energey power gas and electric

I find it amusing listening to Caroline Flint, who has now found her socialism well according to some. I still remember her when she was Tony Blair girl, a new labour lap dog. Forget about being sick disabled or poor, if you did not have a job you dam well should not have a council house. Now she has totally forgotten labour was in power for thirteen years, and groups had asked and in some area demanded labour do more to cut fuel costs, what did Labour do nothing. Now of course New labour is dead, born again Flint is the pin up girl of a Newer Labour party who have the nerve to tell the Tories to do something. Laugh I'd dam well cry but I cannot afford it. But somebody had better start looking at power and power within the UK, Wales wants to build wind turbines all over the place yet the vast majority of wind turbines by me stand idle, it's either no wind or to much wind, and now they are wearing out to fast.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tory V Labour.

Job are coming OK they are part time, youth unemployment has dropped not enough I will grant you, but it's the mainstay of Labours battle ground. If the private sector is employing be it part time then Labour arguments are now getting to look frail, today in PMQ's Labour did not look so great did they, Cameron for the first time in a while could counter Labour by saying well mate it's dropping. The question is of course will it last, another problem for the Tories of course is inward immigration from the EU, if we start to pull out of the unemployment trap, will we see large scale migration immigration from Spain, even France. I notice the interview this morning from the BBC, the lady who was speaking to a professor about the unemployment figures stated it's good that unemployment is dropping and it good news it's from the private sector, the professor stated yes but it's good also the public sector is also looking to employ, yes came the reply but it's the private sector that matters, he replied both sectors are important, in Oxford because of the teaching the Universities and the hospitals, she had one more snide remark about private sector being more important. I bet not for a minute this women thought to her self hang on I work for the public sector. It's still to little and it's coming very late, but I hope this small green shoots carry on because boy do we need employment to pick up, sadly I think it has sod all to do with politician of any side.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Boring Miliband with dead head Ball's

So labour has come out telling us we need to get back to the great war years, tighten your belts people. Lets not forget Hitler, for which most young will be looking on you Tube. Tighten your belt lets get the spirit of the wars years, my grandson which war? Iraq or Afghanistan, the problem is how many people remember the second world war. But to even suggest in 2012 we go back to the war years show how pathetic Labour has become, Miliband a millionaire from his father estate, who earns something along the lines of £145,000 and MP's who are getting £86,000 tells those on £12,000 to get into the spirit of the wars years is not only a joke it down right pathetic. Now we have this joke battle between Unite and Labour basically two days before conference, this of course is set up to show Miliband is able to fight off their pay masters, yet if Unite and the GMB actually wanted to put pressure on the Labour party all they have to do is tell labour we are going to have a vote on leaving the Labour party job club, and boy you'd see a difference. Balls we will start the housing again with 100,000 building program, yes in London 100,000 houses big deal they of course will be to buy not to rent. What is the difference between labour and the Tories, where is Labour going, looks like to me New Labour not dead it just has another wally as leader.