Friday, 20 April 2012


I cannot be bothered to go through all this again, but it harder to find a difference these days between the three parties at the top, Liberals are now back to the Whigs, Tories are the Tories, and labour is trying to get in-between the lot. The one thing we do not have is a socialist workers party any more, working class is now hard working people, and the middle class are the new socialist according to Miliband. I fought like hell to keep our Remploy factories open, in the end Labour phoned me up to say it would be best if I left the party, which I did. But in the end what chance of these people now working in Remploy have of finding work, it depends on your disability I will speak in all honesty now, if you have a degree, have a limp or your toe nails is broken you may well find a job, if you have a funny face, you have a problem talking you have disability, then sadly no chance at all, so what does this mean, well it means every one of these people being laid off, yet being told they are able to work, so they will sign on to JSA, but of course to get JSA you cannot have a disability. It's sad but this is the new labour new socialism the new Tory-ism. Not a single worker for the two factories that closed by me eight years ago have found a job, even with the three million Labour gave to the council, what did the council do with it , obviously they did not use it to help the disabled people. We are back in the Victorian period in which we will see disabled people begging


The Red Flag said...

It's a bloody disgrace Robert. An absolute bloody disgrace.

Robert said...

It does make you wonder sometimes where or which party these people would have be in 50 years ago