Thursday, 24 May 2012

Anyone got a job

I have been saying for ages the so called Labour and Tory angels who help the sick and the disabled back to work have been little more then cheating the system, now proved. A4E is a shocking company and then we have Remploy, the Shaw Trust all so called charities but this is not the best name for them. I have been looking for work now for five years, my job center told me they would be sending me to see Remploy at first, they said to me they have never failed, do I go to be asked do you really need a wheelchair, do you really need crutches can you just give them up while your looking for work, once I explained to them and that I needed the wheelchair and the crutches they lost interest and said they would find it difficult to get me employed. I was then sent to the Shaw Trust who again said the same thing, dump the wheelchair and we will find you a job, once I showed them my legs they said it would be hard to find you work, the one thing I noticed wi3th both offices they were empty, the people working in them were all very young all under twenty five and my special adviser, still had dam nappy rash. She once said to me lots of disabled people are cry babies when it comes to illness, but I had lost interest, now we have all this silly fraud.


Ice Cold in Alex said...

For a brief period a few years ago, after a serious accident (broken fingers, collapsed lung etc) I was on incapacity benefit.

After the accident I also discovered that I had a possible heredity heart condition (although not serious). I should quickly add that after my accident I was treated with utmost care and professionalism by those at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

After a while the job center referred me to A4E whom where supposed to assist me back to work - I have to say that in my experience the advice I got was of no use whatsoever.

It was a strange time, I had to turn up to job center every 2 weeks to sign on, but also keep appointments with A4E to keep payments coming. I found the adviser at the job center far more professional and appreciative of the problems I had then (that was the Holyhead Job Center before you ask).

I think the Conservative led Coalition Government sometimes forget that whilst some require assistance to live an independent life at home, they with a fair assessment and fair funding of equipment and where required fully funded assistance could become part a valuable member o the workplace.

I think as you say Remploy was a good example.

To repeat an old adage the Conservative led Coalition Government - it seems know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

Robert said...

Totally agree, I would rather work for my living then have dam government thing I want some sort of charity.

But I think all politicians look down on the people these days we are now an underclass

Anonymous said...

Ethnic Social Networks & Wall St.

(Of course some people are to afraid to mention the facts)!