Friday, 29 July 2011

Newer Labour

Where is the Labour party going Purnell we are told will become a major player in Milibands government, after his thoughts on child benefits bus passes and the rest.

We are told Mr Miliband will decide to go with our beloved Caroline Flint or her idea's of only giving council houses to people in jobs, and also to people who are doing a specialized job like teacher doctor nurse.

Forgive me for being stupid, I live right next to a council estate where the poorest are trying to get out of, they move to a dogs home then spend a life on this estate, I would not think a nurse doctor or teacher would want to come here if the rent was free. does anyone really think these people will want to live on a sink hole estate I know I did not

So a school teacher on £35,000 cannot afford a mortgage and a person who lets say has a disability would have to move to the private sector, or back to the 1900 into shit poverty housing.

Anyone have any idea where the hell Labour went, and who told flint Purnell and the nose of the year Miliband they were socialist

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