Thursday, 14 July 2011

What a country

Everything is now about the hacking, even Gordon Brown jumps in with wise words, sadly he was not wise enough to hold an inquiry blaming everyone else except him self.

Talk about a good time to hide the world going bang, Italy is now looking like the next country that needs billions, but heck was not the president prime minister not running around the world telling us Italy was great again.

The UK we are told Afghanistan is now OK it's fine we are with drawing our troops, and then sack them lay them off.

Aircraft carriers costing billions more then they should little wonder we would not want to built to much here, then again the workers know once these ships are finished so is the boat yards. make them last lads.

DLA to PIPs is going through government now , whats being said sod all it's not hacking.

Employment is down but unemployment is of course up hows that for a good one, more people are in work, but yes sadly more people are on the dole, that's political speak for we are fucked.

It's been a great month, but I did enjoy seeing Gordon back in Parliament even if his shirt looked dangerous

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