Sunday, 10 July 2011

Miliband makes it plain where Labour stands.

Forget Miliband shocking show on TV! we should have done more to the News of the world and News International. The question is like always why did you not.

We saw the squeaky return of Blair to protect his earning by protecting his mates.

If this is correct it shows where Blair real feeling are telling a well known MP to stop hounding the Murdock's.

Anyway how about Miliband feeling on being classed to the left, Andrew Marrs question went down like a bomb the smile on Miliband face was the look alike Browns.

No said Eddie the Eagle Miliband as he skied toward that tree, we are to the center, we are in the middle we are yes New labour.

Must be getting mighty difficult in the center of the political divide with the Slightly red Tories or so we are told, the slightly blue labour and the poor old Liberals, all we want now is for the BNP to tell us they love Black people and immigrants and the center ground would be block up

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