Monday, 11 July 2011

Miliband today

To day Miliband obviously came on TV to have ago at the Tories which is great the Tories need to be brought down a step or two. But if your going to demand that the Tories stand up and take the blame you'd better be sure the Tories can not hit you back.

It seems now labour had been told in 2002/3 that in fact peoples phones had been hacked and decided after a quick discussion to do nothing, question why not! was it because you did not wish to up set the owners.

I just think if your going to throw stones you had better be sure your green house has bullet proof Glass.

Why did Miliband go to the Murdock's drink party. and then we get a story about Miliband not going to a Union do because of Bob Crowe, he's not the type of Union man Miliband likes.

God Almighty how much lower can labour go before it disappears up it's own rectum,

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