Friday, 8 July 2011

News of the World has gone ended?

So the News Of The World has gone, none of the top rank bosses are expected to lose a job the top job of the editor will I suspect go to one of the other major players in News International. But what about the poor sods who work for a living who do not have the nod of Murdock.

Coulson is innocent we are told by Cameron only a few months ago, now he has gone and Cameron will do what ever he can to sort this out, Miliband comes out raging about fairness, Jesus this from a party who uses the influence of Tony Blair to keep this same gang on side for Labour.

My heart bleeds for Cameron and Miliband with their fake shame attacks.

Now then we will see a Police inquiry lets hope none of the Police are on the pay roll of taking pay backs for information.

Labour are saying this is showing the Tories in a bad light, but if you go back to check who was in charge when it started we find Blair and brown at the helm.

laugh it makes me hurt when I see Miliband showing he cares, all he is doing is finding that niche which he believes can get him back to the top leader of the small c Tories.

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