Friday, 8 July 2011

News of the world hacking

OK it's wrong it's evil and people should go to jail, and any party that new about it should be saying the people who did know should be placed on trial.

OK being disabled New labour decided I would need to have a voice speech recognition or lie detector, labour hired a private company to go around checking all our bank accounts, labour decided that we needed ID cards so you Knew who was getting benefits and who was hard working tax payers. Then we had right of entry labour decided any council official could enter my home check my belongs to ensure I was not living above my standard, even my Tesco club card was checked.

I see Miliband now talking about the bad Tories but come on are your really telling me this lot did nothing wrong.

The email scandal of making Cameron and his wife look bad with slander and lies McBride, I think people throwing stones you better be clean your self.


The Red Flag said...

What strikes me as bizarre is that all of a sudden people didn't know the News Of The World sdealt in sleaze.

How strange

A certain red-haired young lady called Rebekah had Xmas dinner with the Camerons.

How Even Stranger

Robert said...

That Miliband was going to speak at the NI conference as did Cameron, Brown, and Blair, that Blair has spoken about shutting up a well know Labour MP who kept telling us the sleaze went further , sleaze comes in many different shades these days.