Friday, 5 August 2011

Whats the difference

What is the difference between Labour and the Tories, not a lot really I see Progress is all over it's self telling us getting the workless and worthless back to work is a great idea, and paying job providers to do it well if it works it will be a great idea, they are backing the Tories in this.

I have just come back from my job center, no disability advisors today they have been moved to the job provider, but she's gone off ill again.

But one look at the computer and you find why we still have 16,000 people sitting at home in my area, being wasters, six jobs all six are paying commission only not a single real job.

So how much do we pay the job providers for sitting on their backsides, mine is the Shaw Trust, if it works as hard as it did before god help us all.

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