Monday, 18 July 2011

To be in the TA's or not

So we are told today that the Tories will reduce the Military by 19,000 but increase the TA's, I suspect some form of extra payments or other means of getting the TA's up to strength. But it's the wrong way to go, the front line troops should always be the best trained with the TA's filling in when needed, they should not be front line fodder. I suspect the Tories have plans to ensure no more battles or wars for a while, it costs to much, god help us if the Falklands are attacked again, I suspect both Labour and the Tories would sell it off.

So whom will be sacked, I suspect all those with disabilities all those with problems will go, and then will be those coming to the end of time, officers who's air fields or navy yards, which will close, commanders of ships which are taken out of service unless your one of those with the right name, or contacts.

But today a report was released of course nobody is interested because of the Murdock shit, so it's a god day to release bad news.

It states that our troops were shit on by the Labour party, with us going to war with poor tools to complete the task, Brown stated what ever they needed they would get, but he of course cries a lot at home, or is that tears of laughter.

I think the idea of putting the TA's as our front lines troops no matter how well trained is a mistake, unless of course we are not going to war again.

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