Monday, 4 July 2011

Labour to become a new party in Scotland Irn Bru

The re-branding of labour is on it's way, we are told Miliband has been open about the new idea in Scotland to become the Irn Bru of Scotland. A soft drink, well I think myself you should be looking at making a lot of labour politicians drink the stuff lots of it, to get some iron in your spines. We are told Scotland is to take charge of it's MSP, it's MP's and it councilors, not a bad idea for Scotland. I think we are already seeing the splintering of labour into a factional party, but of course if that wins Miliband and his tribe the leadership heck why not.

We are told Labour in England will go ahead looking to get funding from out side of the Unions, yes but we will not break with the Unions, no I bet, not not while they pay your dam wages mate.

We are told Labour England is to chase it's middle class vote, while Scotland since the SNP is more socialist, I suspect labour will chase the rich middle class Tory vote.

Wales we are told is now a socialist party, but when you see all this re-branding it's a joke because in the end, all it's for is to give Miliband the leadership.

Quick lets get that Independence vote going.

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