Monday, 11 July 2011

DLA or PIP's

It looks like people are getting ready to test this little change in the courts, but as yet nothing has been decided.

I see people are angry that the Tories are saying we need to sort this one out, too many disabled people are getting extra money. But in fact if you look at the lowest rates of DLA you get I believe it's £17.50 this could be due to having say a bad leg , or a bad knee say with Arthritis.

But for my wife who applied for DLA for having spina bifida she was turned down flat, she had to apply a number of times before a doctor said OK you can have the lowest amount, yet I know people who are seriously disabled who are turned down point blank, is it the system, poor doctors, or doctors who do not give a shit.

We had a TV program in Wales about one such doctor who saw numerous people some with such serious disabilities and yet he turned down everyone, nobody got a pass.

Another doctor who was seen by another, the doctor spoke no English how the hell did he get a job, this doctor asked one customer we are customers, that if he had come from this doctors country then he would have to beg, the reply was well lucky I do not come from your country then.

My worry like always this is about cutting benefits again to repay the debts of the bankers, seems the disabled and the sick will be repaying a lot.

But lucky the Tories are going to look at it, Brown did not wish to look at it just stop it.

Good time to be disabled in 20011

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