Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blue Labour Pink Labour

Ed Miliband is set to declare,

In his speech at a neighbourhood centre in London, Ed Miliband will focus on responsibility and promise to champion one of the core principles pioneered by the architect of the welfare state William Beveridge: the welfare state should reward those who contribute.

Aides stressed this is reviving the principles behind Beveridge’s thinking and does not denote a new national insurance system. “We will be a party that rewards contribution, not worklessness.

Question if a child is born with Cerebral Palsy, or a young eighteen year old Soldier gets his legs blown off, what then, has the young soldier done enough to have his pension, I'd say nope not according to the Huttons, Fields or Purnell and it seems Milibands.

So tell me Blue and Pink Labour what the f*ck are we bothering to vote for. and I think it shows How labour has no idea at all about people.

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