Saturday, 18 June 2011

Tory MP says work for lower pay..... shocking no not really

Tory back Bencher who has a habit of silly comments state the disabled should be allowed to opt out of the min wage, labour See's red, well nice to see anything red in labour these days.

Mr Davies the chap who said he cannot see the problem with people darkening up their faces, has come up with a few ripe replies.

But is he wrong, the new WCA is now placing more disabled people onto JSA job seekers which is of course £67 a week, not enough to live on, so why should a disabled person not sell his labour for say £4 an hour, work for six months and then get paid if they can do the job the full wage.

Disabled people like myself are not getting jobs because when we go for work a dozen other people many fit and healthy apply as well and to be honest why would an employer employ me.

Well labour stated I must sell my self do not look down look up look forward, easy to say when your sitting in a wheelchair, and the company wants a person to fill shelves and they say to you can you fill the top shelf and you say nope.

Or can you climb a ladder, or can you walk a mile can you drive a car, yes but only if you put in hand controls that cost £10,000.

In most countries laws are in place that companies who employ twenty or more employee's must employ two or three disabled people but not here, I have to prove to everyone I can do the job, and the simple fact I cannot fill shelves, I cannot pick up litter and I cannot write a letter faster then a full trained person.

So my only thing left is to let me or allow me to sell myself on the market. Because living on £67 a week JSA is not something I want...or of course make a real medical test for the disabled not this shame we have now.


Lee said...

I agree with everything that Mr. Davies is saying.

I'm 49 years old, have Asperger's syndrome and have never had a job.

I need to be able to offer an employer something so that he will at least just consider giving me a job; and I reckon that his being able to pay me less than statutory minimum wage might just do it.

I doubt I would be any worse off than actually being paid a proper wage because of the complex interactions between the various benefits I receive and the amount of money I have to pay to social services for my care. In effect a wages subsidy would be in operation.

I desperately want to work, and need to work, so that I can fully contribute to, and participate in, society; and strive to become the best person I'm capable of becoming - and the minimum wage legislation is hindering me in my search for employment.

Anonymous said...

Economically, (I know it sounds dehibiliitating) but if everyone worked for lower wages that would enable work for everyone.
In the public sector they area all vastly overpaid. There is no indication or reference to
'Is the labour they give to a value of what they are paid'.
In the private sector peoples wages are more sporadic and less certain .

Robert said...

What others do who are not disabled well thats up to them for me having a job at say £4 a hour is a dam sight better then getting JSA at £67.

Governments (labour) will argue that we are more or less being treated as less human, well yes but thats been going on since Labour brought in welfare reforms.

I would not work for £3 an hour but for say six months at £4 or £3.50 to prove I can work then yes.

Then again it's better then working six month under labours works experience.

The Red Flag said...

Letting employers employ the disabled on a lower-than-minimum wage is not beoing done as a favour to the disbaled.

Look at every major employer where you are - Tescos etc etc. Do you seriously believe that saving twenty quid a week makes that much difference to them? If every Tescos for instance employed 4 severley disables at less than minimum wage they would 'save' less than a hundred quid a store.

If they were going to employ them then they would. Employing for less than a paper boy earns is not going to make them employ more than they already do.

Robert said...

Which in Tesco terms in my area is zero, Asda use to have six, now have laid them all off as the store had to have cut backs, the store manager stated we have to look at the productivity of the work force.

Problem is the disabled who are placed onto JSA are going to be the ones who will struggle so working to get £100 a week is still better then getting £67.

The big problem of course we all know what this is really about, cutting benefits from £138 IB ESA to of course £67 JSA