Friday, 24 June 2011

Job center

Down I go into the main doors to be met by security, yes Mate can we help you, it's my disability appointment with my special adviser mate.

Lets check sorry your name's not on here, but she did leave you three job applications, see you next month bye.

I have been getting this now for months, just three job offers which I check and then dump into the bin by the door, this time it's not a taxi driver, but a long distance painter and decorator must be able to work at heights must be able to work away from home five years experience.

The other one was cold calling for a cosmetic firm, and the other was loans selling.

Ah the choice of jobs we are getting, the special adviser I notice is now working helping the many unemployed find work so she cannot be a special adviser as well.

Nothing like good old government treatment.
Never mind.

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