Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Newer labour

I watched Ed Miliband to day PMQ's according to labour list of course Ed won the tiff hands down 100 points, but actually he did not, once he brought out the silly DNA Data base idea, he was on a loser I can see people all over the country thinking yes it's newer labour. Blair's idea, Blair's plan put in place by a new labour Eddie the eagle Miliband.

labour it looks to me has nothing to offer ordinary working people, the silly idea that getting a DNA swab from a lady who says she was raped would not prove rape, all it proves is sex has taken place, it would again come down to the same battle she said no he would say she said yes.

But whom wants to be on a register of DNA so insurance companies could carry out a review of your insurance risk because your DNA state you might die of a heart attack or cancer.

I suspect labour has not given up on ID cards either another Blair toy.

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The Red Flag said...

Good point Robert.

DNA proves neither innocence nor guilt. It just proves that there is some sort of connection between a place and/or an item and/or a person.

Semen traces do not prove or disprove rape. They don't even prove sex took place. The just prove who the semen belongs to. There is already one well publicised example in America (where els) where a woman used a sperm sample to allege a rape.