Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Labour whats new.

I was talking to this gent by me who is getting on a bit now, he has a disability from a mine accident a long time ago which took his leg off. I said my grand father lost his legs when a pit prop broke, he said same thing.

I said about how labour was changing and had changed under Kinnock and then Blair, and he said to me labour was not the party people think it is. He said I can go way back before the war, he said even after the war people make out labour to be this socialist party sent to help the people, he said well it never helped me much.

Got me remembering the days at Aberfan, I was in the valleys that day, and saw the Miners rushing over the mountains to get to the school. I was thinking about Wilson who has just won an election and the ex MP Robens who was with the NCB, who did not arrive at the village a day late. He then demanded the charity money be used to clear up the mess including the waste tips the slag heaps, when Wilson stated the money would come from the NCB this gent stated it would not and he demanded that the charity money be used, and it was. OK Blair returned the money many years later but it does I suspect show how we think labour was some how socialist.

I remember the fighting between the Tories and labour over DLA for the disabled and how labour felt it was money wasted.

I see Miliband now is carrying on his idea telling us a story about a chap he knows who's disabled, Miliband stated i believe he was able to work, he believed, what happens if that chap had terminal cancer, or if he has something else wrong with him is Mr Miliband a doctor now, or is it like many in labour who surmise what they think is going on.

I'm no fan of the Tories but if I had a choice right now on voting I'd vote Tory or maybe not, but i do know it would not be labour that's for sure

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