Sunday, 12 June 2011

Blair is back or is it Miliband

Miliband speech we are told will be about getting council housing for the middle class, the nurses the police officers you know the important middle class earners who would not be seen dead in council houses around me, the sick the disabled those on JSA well where do they go now, interment camps, tents, kicked out.

I'm not sure where the hell labour is going hopefully out of power for the rest of my life thats for sure.

But Miliband is seeking that niche, the NHS he has lost as the Tories do a U turn, so labour has to find another method of getting those people who now would vote UKIP/ Tory rather then labour.

Pretty shock if the releases of his speech is right, upper class, middle class lower class, and untouchables.

But if the past 13 years how many jobs did labour make in the private sector which can be classed as real jobs, I know they produced a hell of a lot of non jobs in the public sector. how do we get people back to work in my area people are not turning up to chase a job because they have ten jobs and 14,000 people looking for them, last week i was down at my job center seeking to find work, as cripples do, to be told they had 9 positions.

remind me how many council houses did the so caloled labour party build in 13 years.

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