Thursday, 23 June 2011

The London games 2012 football

Great News we will have a team in the Olympic games, run of course by England, without talking to anyone England has decided they will have a British Football team, forget asking the other countries.

But of course you will need eleven players, I suspect eight or even eleven will be English one from Ireland one from Scotland and One from Wales well they have to have subs. Rumour doing the rounds it will be the under twenty one squad, which should mean a short playing period.

Then we will have the highlight of watching FIFA repay the arguments over bribery by stating England has proved beyond doubt that we have one national team called GB which of course will be Run by the English FA, how many players from out side of England, not to long ago England said any player who had been in the UK for ten years who has not played for any other national team could be eligible for England.

What a bloody nerve.

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