Saturday, 25 June 2011

Refounding labour or just floundering

So the big meeting in Wrexham lots of big words to the socialist Welsh labour party, must have stuck in Miliband throat. Then we had the normal sell off of what was wrong with Labour but hello we did get somethings right.

Like well School building program, yes but was it correct to build them using PFI.

Then Hospital building OK yes but was it right to flog them off to private firms and again PFI.

Then we have Jobs millions given jobs, but of course were these job real, labour them selves stated they had to reduce the amount of people working in the public sector, Brown him self stated he wanted 300,000 jobs to go. So how many jobs did Labour make in my small Welsh town, not a lot really, he closed the benefits office, he closed the tax office and he closed our DWP, so he closed more then he actually made.

Then of course we had the sorry of those poor people who have cancer, he then spoiled his attempt to make the Tories look bad by saying some of these people worked hard and paid into the pot, well so what about the children who are born with cancer or the youths who get cancer before working are these people out side of society, what about people given Blood transfusions now have Aids, what about people who have contracted HIV, or are they naughty for having sex. God help the poor old drug addicts under Newer labour your to blame for everything.

But the fact is those poor cancer suffers who worked so hard paid into the pots are only going through the new medicals because of Labour. I quote Mr Blair people must have medicals to ensure they are suffering and are not just work shy, well I suspect people with Cancer broken backs spinal injuries HIV AIDS and the many many more mental health issues , soldiers with out legs without arms are all so called work shy because they have had their bloody arms and legs blown off.

This is not refounding labour it's a party floundering to find a reason to be.

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