Monday, 27 June 2011

Another great socialist MP

I see Ms Angela Smith is showing us her great Socialist prognoses.

Check out her comments on the Progress site a site well known for it's socialism, Joking of course.

Ms Smith use to remember a chap living by her who had an old car, it was polished shining, he'd come home park it and look after it, he'd polish it in his blue overalls he was hard working, council house family man, his house was nice.

His car was old but shinning because he had pride.

Then again Angela for working all those long hours you'd think a Labour Government would have paid him enough so he could have bought a nice new car.

These people come from another world, she was elected of course on a women only short list, what a shock taking a Tory strong hold, well she was more Tory I suspect then the Tory.

But this idea that we have millions according to the ONS we have nearly 8.5 million people unemployed at the moment that means registered unemployed but not getting JSA a trick Blair and Thatcher knew about.

But right now in my area if your disabled it's almost impossible to get a job, if your not disabled it's almost impossible to get a job, but hell this is Wales.

The sooner we in Wales make a bloody break from buffoons in England and leave the Tory-ish New labour party the better.

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The Red Flag said...

There's a cracking argument developing over on Jac's blog along the point you rais in your last paragraph.