Monday, 6 June 2011

New Think tank for the left

GEER which I'm told will place the left in the center of labour thinking, it will highlight the gender problems of not enough women in politics, of race, not enough people from Minorities, it will state race gender and religion.

I spent a while reading through it and something hit me, it's more like something from the Blue labour, nothing at all about Welfare, the disabled will soon be asked or told to have their National insurance number tattooed onto their arms, and maybe wear a nice picture of a wheelchair on our shirts jumpers or jackets and report to a police station once a week.

This new think tank looks a lot like many of Labours blogs people who are looking to catch the parties eye to end up being asked to come on board a nice jobs as a adviser, or can you stand in a nice safe seat for us.

I was reading a bit about how labour see the next secretaries task once he or she well he takes over, first job will be according to the so called left will be to ensure donations pour in from people so labour can stop taking from the Unions, of course what that means is the new person must push like hell to get state funding.

Nothing would make me look at Labour at the moment and decide I would want to vote for it.

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The Red Flag said...

Is a typical middle class PC load of bollocks. About as socialist as my guinea pig (bit like Labour in general)