Saturday, 11 June 2011

Labour matters

No it does not but the site Labour matters has just given me the accolade of being banned for attacking Tony Blair for not being a socialist and not being able to see past my hate of the party.

This is because I tried to argue Tony Blair book is a load of crap written to try and make his third way look as if it worked.

I mean he was on TV this week to talk about his New Book and was really annoyed to be asked was he sorry about the war in Iraq, was he really right to go to war.

The problem for Blair now of course his third way blew up and in part was due to Labour being out of power, he did not have the guts to sack Brown, and did not have the guts to stay and fight another election, deals done in back rooms tend to back fire when the other person you did the deal with is an idiot.

We are now looking back at Labour spell in power watching Miliband squirm because everything he and the new labour lot agreed with is being put in place by the Tories, and all labour have letf is to argue for the NHS.

Problem is the country has changed many more people have private insurance and to be honest it's only the people at the bottom of the pile who are really worried over the NHS, but not really enough to fight for it.

Why not because we had thirteen years of labour privatization, and the MRSA epidemic.

Milibands lot right now are unable to say to much because he agrees in principle with the cuts being carried out by the Tories, he agrees with the welfare reforms, but has doubts about the rents, he also came out meekly about the cuts for the elderly only because the Grey vote normally would be seen as a labour vote.

What a mess for a party as the Revelation come out about the back stabbing of Blair, myself I would have stabbed him face to face, but thats not politics is it.

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The Red Flag said...

You're quite right mate. Not a fag paper's difference between Ed Milliband and Cameron. The depressing thing is that Ed Milliband is supposed to be 'left wing'.

My arse.