Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ok lets get this one going

I have been advised by the job center to wait until the new job providers are sorted then I will be seen and sorted.

It's been hell of a year, a small lump on my arm started itching and I though get some cream, the chemist said he did not like it, popped into the doctor who wrote to the hospital, my GP phones up says you need to be seen fast pronto, best go private, £150 quid cheap as chips, skin cancer.

It did not look like anything, I mean working in the building trade I was always getting my arms sun tanned never burned, doctor stated god your Lucky a few more months and it would be a different story. How much more bad luck can I have for god sake.

Then my father in law goes to hospital ,who say he is OK do not worry, he dies.

I sit at home thinking hell what next, when I get a call you will soon get your letter from the DWP for your ESA medical.

Anyone have a rope.

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