Monday, 9 May 2011

Lords on Welfare

Some very good speeches today and some total rubbish, especially from Lord Sawyer about Remploy helping people. I have yet to see a Job Provider who employs disabled people, or in fact employ older people, the Shaw Trust and Remploy have for sometime employed people on the grounds of paying the min of the min wage in other words they pay people the youth rate of the min wage, what you get then are people who have no idea of the real world. I get fed up going to see a New Job provider and I can tell word for word what they will say.

I'm not disabled myself, but I know somebody who is, thats nice.

The fact is at the moment jobs are short and when jobs are sort employers are looking for the best, they do not want some dribbling retard to do the jobs a Polish worker can do ten times better, and yes I do dribble.

The fact is I have seen some people tell me that I should have been put down at birth, but I was fine at birth I had my accident when I was thirty nine.

It's been an eye opener to listen to the Tories in the house of Lords talk about the welfare reforms and listen to the New labour brigade.

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