Wednesday, 4 May 2011

So whom do I vote for.

I have had to listen to a number of parties speaking at my door or in Town, I tend to walk way but to listen to labour tell us that tuitions fee's are a disgrace is interesting, who brought in tuition fee's yes labour.

We are told the sale and the sell off of the NHS will be fought, yet in my small town you can pop in see a doctor pay your £35 be seen get treatments, where as my own GP the appointment can take a month, your seen for twelve minutes and told if you have not finished to make another appointment which takes another month.

To get my blood pressure done, I was informed it would be better if I had it done at a chemist and the phone the results through saving the GP time and pressure.

Go to see a dentist not in my area we still do not have any, and thats all down to labour.

Education we are told labour has done more for education then anyone else, they why is it children are still leaving school unable to read and write.

The Tories are no better thats true, but the difference in ideology between labour and the Tories are now much closer together.

Tomorrow is voting day and I'm not to sure to even bother voting.

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