Thursday, 5 May 2011

Whom to vote for?

I took a long hard look I have been voting since 1967 elections, Assembly elections, Unions, you name it I've voted at it.

In 2005 I left the Labour party I've supported them from the age of twelve, but after new labour and Blair articles about work shy scroungers within Disability it was time to go.

So whom do I vote for today, Labour in Wales we are told is not labour England, it's easy to say, I cannot in all honesty believe that, they might well sound more left, but I think that has more to do with the coalition. Would Labour back the welfare reforms put in place by the Tories, according to Miliband yes he would, so that's it I will not be voting labour.

I cannot even be bothered about the Tories the hit on the working class, disabled, sick and poor, it's to cut no other reason.

Liberals well they sold out did not even bother taking any of the baggage with them, one minute they are fighting against welfare reforms the next Clegg is telling us they cannot afford it, I cannot be bothered with the Liberals the old Whig beliefs have shown them selves again.

For me right now, I'm leaning toward the local party or independents, they will never control the country and to be honest they make a rubbish job of my council, but they did say welfare reforms was wrong.

But boy it's getting hard to find a reason to vote these days.

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