Thursday, 12 May 2011

What next

Just talking to my local councilor about life and he said how do you feel about the new labour regime going into the blue. I said pardon, he said what do you think of Blue labour with Purnell and Cruddas and to some degree Mandy.

I said it does not suprise me new labour was in fact a poor copy of the Tories anyway, so to get back in you have to have a gimmick of getting back the Tory voters. He said is that what you think, well I said why not call it red labour then, or is red some how seen as being socialist, and blue is seen as what.


The Red Flag said...

Blue Labour - what a joke. What was New Labour then cos it sure as hell wasn't red.

Robert said...

Well Progress are in full steam ahead mode of getting New labour back on track, we are told if you mix a bit of blue with brown you get purple, but that depends if it's mixed right otherwise it could end up a dirty brown mess.